Looking For the Perfect Mascara? Read Here First!

I gave six newbies a test-drive. (It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it.)

Forget Amex—MASCARA is the one thing I never leave home without! As I told you guys before, my lashes are suuuuper sparse, very light and incredibly short. So while I have a fondness for all beauty prodz—from lip gloss to bronzer—mascaras are easily my fave. Just like Michelle's concealer wardrobe, I have a drawer full of 'em (product junkie that I am), and one for every purpose: going to the gym, chilling on the weekend, dinner with the boy, nights out with the girls, yoga class, the office.... You get the picture. And while I love glamming it up with a false lash effect (I'm obsessed with blackest black, lengthening, thickening formulas), I also like to keep it natural—that's where my mascara drawer comes in.

Now I've got a few more to add to the rotation because just for you guys, I test-drove six of the newest launches. So whether you're like me and have a mascara to suit every occasion, or you prefer to rock a single signature look, I'm happy to report that there's something for everyone here. Yay! Let’s dig in, shall we?







THE PRODUCT: Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping Waterproof Mascara
THE PROMISE: It helps lashes grow stronger and "plumper" while adding length and volume with its oversized brush.
THE TEST-DRIVE: I haven't been using this long enough to notice whether my lashes have grown stronger, but I've got my fingers crossed! I liked how the big brush fattened up my lashes, although it was a little tricky to get to smaller lashes at the inner corners. The formula is more dry than I typically like, but the fact that it's waterproof meant it didn't smudge.
THE VERDICT: It definitely lengthens and thickens, and the growth formula is worth a shot!
BUY IT: Available at Well.ca for $8.99. Free shipping in Canada with no minimum order!

THE PRODUCT: Rimmel London Volume Accelerator Mascara
THE PROMISE: It strengthens and enhances the look of your lashes over time with a volume-boosting complex. After 30 days, bare lashes will look fuller and denser.
THE TEST-DRIVE: This one added length and applied evenly, but (sad face) I haven't noticed the crazy volume like it promised. Still, it was a great everyday mascara for the office (and after three or four coats, perfect for dinner dates with cute boys). I'm looking forward to seeing my results after 30 days.
THE VERDICT: It gives good coverage for a basic lash look, but if you want to build it up, you may need an eyelash comb to prevent clumpiness.
BUY IT: Available at select drug and mass retailers for $9.99.

THE PRODUCT: Maybelline New York Great Lash Lots of Lashes Mascara
THE PROMISE: To celebrate Great Lash's 40-year anniversary (wow!), Maybelline New York created a new heart-shaped brush to help create the look of more lashes. The applicator multiplies and builds, coating lashes evenly for a clean, full lash look from root to tip.
THE TEST-DRIVE: I used the original Great Lash formula back in high school, so it was great to try it out again. The tip of the brush was fab at reaching all my baby lashes, and the base created thickness in my longer ones.
THE VERDICT: This is a wet formula that goes on clean and lengthens and separates really well. The new brush coats each and every lash! An everyday staple.
BUY IT: Available at drugstores and mass retailers for $6.49.

THE PRODUCT: CoverGirl NatureLuxe Mousse Mascara
THE PROMISE: The secret of this weightless formula is the removal of a synthetic ingredient that weighs lashes down; it's been replaced with lighter-feeling alternatives (like beeswax) that leave lashes light and lifted.
THE TEST-DRIVE: My lashes felt light, clean, natural and clump-free, even after more than one coat.
THE VERDICT: A perfect option for a natural daytime look at the gym or the office.
BUY IT: Available at Well.ca for $9.39. Free shipping in Canada with no minimum order!

THE PRODUCT: Almay One Coat Get Up & Grow Waterproof Mascara
THE PROMISE: The soft-touch brush reaches every lash in just one coat, while the super-gentle pro-vitamin formula reduces breakage so lashes become longer and stronger over time.
THE TEST-DRIVE: As with the Revlon mascara, I haven't used this long enough to notice any lash growth, but I liked the formula and the brush. It gave me medium coverage in just one coat and without any clumps.
THE VERDICT: This is a safe option for contact lens wearers and those with sensitive eyes. It's also fantastic if you want thickness but can't be bothered fighting clumps with a lash comb or applying multiple coats.
BUY IT: Available at Well.ca for $7.49. Free shipping in Canada with no minimum order!

Elizabeth Oborne is a Vancouver-based writer and holistic nutritionist. Follow her on Twitter: @elizabethedits.

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