Emmys 2011: The Top 10 Beauty Looks

Plus three that I'm just not sure about.

So the Emmys happened. And half of the attendees collaborated to make sure they were all wearing red dresses, apparently. Weird. (Or maybe SMART, because you just know all of those women are going to land on some trend page in every magazine. Can you say guaranteed coverage?)

Anyway, since this is our equivalent of a trend page, we need to cover—as we always do—the best hair and makeup of the night. Overall, it wasn't a bad showing, although there isn't anyone that blew me away (aside from Minka Kelly, who I really should talk about more because she is so incredibly gorgeous). Mainly, I liked individual elements of each person's look—but only a rare few were head-to-cleavage perfection. (Not head-to-toe, see, because we don't talk about fashion here.) And then there were the four peeps that I just can't wrap my head around. Maybe you can help me. We'll start with the top 10:

#10: Gwyneth Paltrow

Everyone is talking about her crop-top dress (I loved it... except for the crop-top part), but I would like to talk about her hair and makeup. She looks pretty here. Typical Gwyneth, but pretty. I like the eye makeup especially. Yes, her complexion can look a bit on the red side... but I'm not convinced that mine wouldn't be the same, so I'm giving it a pass today. She still looks radiant.

#9: Claire Danes

Claire's hair is like silk here. LOOK AT IT. I want to touch it. I'm obsessed with it. Her makeup, on the other hand, is a little too strong for my taste—I would've loved to see either the eye OR the lip, but not both together. (Not that I'm ruling out a strong eye and lip combo, but it requires a certain person/outfit to pull them off, and I don't think Claire's it.) She still looks good though.

#8: Lea Michele

Oh, Lea with your poses. Did you watch the red carpet coverage? She was posing SO hard. Although you'd kind of need to, with that dress and those shoulders—the front view doesn't do them justice at all. Anyway, I have to give props to the kid for going so low-key with her hair. I love that it's loose and natural and the perfect counterpoint to the Big Deal dress. As for the makeup, is it just me or is her foundation maybe a tad too heavy?

#7: Kerry Washington

I wasn't sure about Kerry pairing the red lip with the red dress (I don't think it worked as well as Sofia's coral situation below), but since we're only talking about what's above the neck here, I'm giving her a gold star. Hair is amazing, lips are amazing and the lashes are long but not quite Kardashian-esque. But speaking of the Kardashians—specifically Kim—possibly Kerry has an under-eye concealer issue that's making that area too light. What do you think?

#6: Sofia Vergara

I love this woman, and I think she just radiates good health. And happiness. Pairing her lipstick to her dress colour was a pretty ballsy move, seeing as it's thisclose to matchy-matchydom... but I think it totally works here, especially with those green and gold mega-statement earrings to break things up. There is, perhaps, something going on with the eyebrows, but I haven't quite figured out what it is yet. (I love a full brow, but are these TOO full? Maybe.)

#5: Padma Lakshmi

Yay to Padma for trying something a bit daring: a concentration of gold shadow at the inner corners of the eyes. I kind of love it. Then, just lush lashes, blush and gloss with a loose updo. Radiant, sexy, gorgeous.

#4: Christina Hendricks

You guys know I love me some Christina Hendricks. And I love her makeup here: the hint of silver on the eyelids, the barely-there blush that doesn't overwhelm her milky complexion, and then the VERY cool lipstick shade that picks up the tones in her hair. The only thing I'm wondering is if she should have cut her hair that short. I think it looked best when it hovered around her collarbone; it was a bit more sexy. (Not that she really needs extra sexy, of course.)

#3: Rashida Jones

Rashida is another one of my girl crushes, and I couldn't be more proud of her side-bun execution. Lord knows I struggle with the things (wore one to a wedding this summer, and compared to this it was the puniest, wimpiest side bun in the whole world). Rashida's is tops, and I like her makeup too. It plays up eyes and lips but somehow doesn't overwhelm her delicate features. Maybe Claire Danes would like to take some notes.

#2: Katie Holmes

Katie is on a roll lately. Although I don't quite love this as much as I did her gorgeous waves at the MTV Music Awards, it is still a very, very good top knot. It has just the right amount of texture and grit to be sexy yet casual—perfect with the clean lines of her dress and subtle makeup. (Somehow it's almost cooler to be so low-key on a red carpet, no?) For tips on copying this style, check out this vid.

#1: Minka Kelly

Minka really should be more famous. Not only did she win the genetic lottery with her gorgeous features, but she also knows how to style herself correctly. And taking a nod from the trend Kate Middleton started way back in the spring, she went for a very covered-up lace dress with simple hair and simple makeup. I'm really, REALLY digging this—isn't it somehow more modern than what Claire Danes or Sofia Vergara is doing? Not that there isn't room for all sorts of looks, but I'm totally down with the ladylike updo, groomed brows, long lashes and pop of hot pink gloss. The Duchess would approve. (In fact, she should probably steal this from head to toe.)

And now for the maybe pile.

Maybe #1: Dianna Agron

Beautiful girl. And even with the makeup, she's stunning. But I think I have a problem with the lip colour (too dead-looking) and the blue eyeshadow (too much with the blue dress).

Maybe #2: Rachael Taylor

I really like this haircut. REALLY like. But there are two other issues. First, the eyebrows. Are they, like, waaaaay too dark? And then the blush. You know it's a lot when even I find it too much. However, she still looks really good, so I don't know what it is.

Maybe #3: Nina Dobrev

It's hard to believe this is the same person we all went gaga for at the Teen Choice Awards. It's not that she looks bad here, but I think I prefer Nina with more age-appropriate hair and makeup. This is sort of like she's playing dress-up at being a "lady."

You will notice that I didn't include a bunch of stars, including, for example, Kate Winslet (great dress but VERY cakey foundation), Heidi Klum (needs to get her roots done) and Elizabeth Moss (that hairstyle made her look 29 going on 69).

And now I will leave you with easily the most radical look of the night, from none other than Paz De La Huerta—who, you know, I kind of have respect for. The grey lips, the David Lee Roth hair, the weird single curl escaping at the bottom... it's so bad, it's good.

Now you get to weigh in:

Which Emmy look(s) do you love?

Which ones aren't your cup of tea?

Anyone I left out that you think needs discussing?

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