The Best Celebrity Beauty Looks From the Front Row at Fashion Week

The beauty dos and don'ts (Kardashians, I'm looking at you guys).

Where you sit at Fashion Week is kind of a big deal. If you're lucky enough to be seated in the front row, that means you are either a Very Important Editor or a celebrity. (Or both, in the case of Anna Wintour.) Just to give you an idea of my ranking, I think when I was at ELLE Canada and attended New York Fashion Week, I was somewhere between row four and Siberia.

I was okay with it.

Anyway, what's interesting about fashion shows it that there's just as much action in the front row as on the runway. And unlike red carpet events, where you tend to get a "grown-up prom" type of look (as celebrity hairstylist Danilo called it when I interviewed him today), Fashion Week REALLY raises the style stakes. Let's take a look at the celebs who attended in New York and London, and see what they're made of.

DO: Show off your pregnancy glow, like Beyoncé at Rodarte.

I know she always looked good, but did Beyoncé always GLOW like this? Her skin is crazy gorgeous. I'm not sure about the hair (I don't love the reverse Ombré) and I'm even less sure about the outfit. However, it's amazing how good skin can make you care less about all of these other things.

DON'T: Wear evening hair and makeup, like Kim Kardashian at Vera Wang.

Good grief! I'm having a hard time understanding why Kim is wearing an evening gown and this much makeup for a daytime fashion show. I'm seriously concerned for her—are these the early signs of some kind of addiction where she can never let us see her with natural-looking makeup?

DO: Try a modern retro look, like Malin Akerman at Tommy Hilfiger.

I love this look so much. So much! Especially the hair, which I've just discovered CAN BE DONE AT HOME with a new styling tool by Rowenta. It's called the Versa Style and there's a way to use it to get these exact waves, which I think are so much more interesting than the usual boring curls just at the bottom of the hair. I like the makeup too—together it's sort of a modern retro look that is perfect for fall.

DON'T: Use a chalky lipstick, like Kourtney Kardashian at Alice + Olivia.

Now here is a perfect example of the wrong nude lip. There are good nudes and there are bad nudes, and this is definitely too pale and chalky to be flattering on Kourtney's complexion. Her lips basically fade right into her face, and between them and the lashes I don't even know where to look. Shame, because otherwise this would be cute.

DO: Go for peachy lips 'n cheeks, like Mandy Moore at Jenny Packham.

Longtime Mandy Moore fan here. (Because she is the woman of 1,000 hairstyles.) It looks like she's been dipping into Benefit's Cha Cha Tint, which is a gorgeous coral lip and cheek stain that I reviewed back in June.

DON'T: Try to look older with your makeup, like Taylor Swift at Rodarte.

But we've discussed this before, of course. I kind of like what Taylor did with her hair (hey—at least it's not EXACTLY the same as usual), but I just feel like this makeup is too much for a 21-year-old. (Heck! It's too much for a 41-year-old.) Take a cue from Mandy, please, and tone it down.

DO: Try the new silvery eyeshadow trend, like Kristen Stewart at Mulberry.

Kristen currently has hair extensions for a movie (Snow White) and I think they look kind of amazing, even though I'm generally anti-hair extensions. There's something about the contrast of all that dark hair with her porcelain skin and the silvery grey smoked-out eye makeup. Stunning.

DON'T: Do the Middleton sisters eyeliner thing, like Pippa Middleton at Temperley London.

Okay. What is UP with the Middletons and their eyeliner habits? Both of them are drawing all the way around in a dark, harsh line that closes off the eyes. I'm starting to think they got permanent tattoos. If not, then I want to run after them with a smudger brush and a bottle of eye makeup remover.

DO: Rock "London hair," like Sienna Miller at Burberry Prorsum.

You know how I have a haircuts folder on my computer? This is going straight in there (along with the dozen other Sienna pics I use as inspiration). I've decided to grow my hair out for a while and would love it to look like this—parted in the middle, long layers around the face and that cool, model-esque texture where it has loads of volume but it's still straight and not at all "done"-looking. Yes, I covet this very much.

DON'T: Emulate ANYTHING about Pamela Anderson at Vivienne Westwood.

So much has gone wrong here, I don't think I need to go into the details. Except: if you ever feel like your brows are too thick, pull this photo out and stare at it. This is what happens when you go too tweezer-happy.

DO: Look simple and chic, like Rosario Dawson at Temperley London.

So that Fashion Week I attended in New York? Rosario was my major celeb sighting. It was at Calvin Klein, and the paps went crazy when she walked in. Girl knows how to pose! And the thing I admire about Rosario (even if it's kinda boring from a beauty perspective) is that she can look so amazing with the most uncomplicated hair and makeup. Sigh.

Tell me:

Have you ever attended a fashion show?

Which of these celebs had the best Fashion Week beauty?

Who needs to brush up on their beauty (and fashion) skillz?

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