TIFF 2011: The 5 Best Beauty Looks

The fest may be over, but we're still swooning over these red carpet looks (yes, Megan Fox made the cut!).

Remember the Toronto International Film Festival? Yeah, you know, the HUGE star-studded event that everyone seems to have forgotten about since we've been immersed in Fashion Week. Well, the streets of Yorkville are no longer a site to spot the rich and famous (well, the rich are still lingering around), but I think we're still due to pay reverence to the fest.

Of course the movies played are all getting rave reviews, but that's not what I'm interested in. I don't want to critique these female A-listers on their acting chops; no, I want to review their hair and makeup choices on the red carpet. You might be surprised by some of my picks (um, Megan Fox, anyone?), but here are my top five looks from the various premieres.

#5: Megan Fox at the Friends with Kids premiere

No, that's not a typo you're reading. Yes, I've included Megan in this top five countdown because I was pleasantly surprised by her. I'm not saying that this is a flawless look, but I am loving that she's decided to cool it on her over-the-top sexy/vampy vibe (Michelle didn't call her the poor man's Angelina Jolie for nothin'). Ditching the excessive faux lashes for a bolder cheek was a new move for Megan and for that, I applaud her.

#4: Ashley Greene at the Butter premiere

Do you see that shine? Do you see those perfect curls? Seriously, this woman must be using an amazing serum, because I cannot see a single flyaway. These are some hair commercial-worthy locks. Also, I'm digging that Ashley opted for a deeper side part—it just makes the look so much more sophisticated and less pageant-like.

#3: Elizabeth Olsen at the Thompson Hotel

As a '90s child, the Olsen twins were my life (confession: they still kind of are). But wait just one second, because this kid sister may just steal the twins' thunder. I can't stop ranting about how much I LOVE everything that's going on here. Honestly, I will be spending a good amount of time attempting to replicate this. Elizabeth looks fresh, young and incredibly chic. Full brows, thick eyeliner, and cherry-red lip stain? You really can't go wrong.

#2: Olivia Wilde at the Butter premiere

Drop. Dead. Gorgeous. Olivia looks stunning with her dramatic eyes paired with a pulled-back 'do. This is the epitome of restrained sexy (i.e. the OLD Megan Fox). Okay, so her killer cheekbones do give her a leg up on the competition, but it's that hint of gold rimming her lower lash line, making her baby blues pop, that's just captivating. (Note to self: I must try this trick.)

#1: Madonna at the W.E. premiere

They don't call her the Madge for nothing. Madonna is just exuding old Hollywood glamour. (And just a reminder, folks: she's 53!) The finger-waved hair, black winged liner and scarlet lips are simply beautiful. Usually a strong eye and lip combo can read overpowering, but a fine balance between the two makes for some amazing results. But then again, it's Madonna and she can't really do any wrong.

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