Dior Says It's Okay to Match Your Lipstick to Your Nail Polish For Spring

The matchy-matchy lips and nails of my dreams.

So you know how being "matchy-matchy" was, like, the worst thing ever? All of sudden, it's not. At least not in beauty.

I know! I blasted Mila Jovovich last year for having an orange dress, orange hair, orange lips and orange blush. And I still stand by that. But the idea of matching in a very understated, ladylike way—like what's happening for spring at Christian Dior with lips and nails—is very exciting indeed.

Actually, matching lips and nails were just one of the beauty options presented to us at this show. There were in fact a rainbow of nail shades—but the matchy-matchy pinky-red tones were by far my faves. And you know, possibly the whole matching thing only works with red anyway... which is fine by me because two of my favourite things in the whole world are juicy red lips (like the ones above, or last season's Temperley Londons) and unapologetically bright red, rounded, short-ish nails. Yes, I've been banging on about these things for a while now and I'm finally being validated. Yay! Come and let's explore this...

So no surprise that it was Pat McGrath who hit it out of the park here. Who is the Dior girl? Well, unlike the theatrical stuff of seasons past (need I remind you here?), this year "she’s got perfect eyes, perfect skin, groomed eyebrows and beautiful red lips—nothing overdone,” says Pat. Suffice to say, I want to be this girl (just like I wanted to be the Chloé girl last season).

Obviously you want to know what prodz are responsible for these wondrous lips, yes?

I was afraid of this. Unfortch, they're a blend of three red pigments—each with orange, blue or pink undertones and custom-mixed for each model depending on skin tone and outfit—so we can't actually purchase an exact shade. (The cherry reds were the best, in my opinion.) But maybe we can take a few cues from the finish (slightly matte) and the application itself. Pat told Vogue: “It’s red the way a girl would do a red lip today. Modern, moist, dabbed on with a finger.”

The rest of the face is just as gorge. You MUST look at this eye makeup:

Those contoured lids! They just make the whole thing even better.

And then, of course, we need to talk nails. In an effort to showcase an entire upcoming collection of Dior Le Vernis nail lacquers, some models had green (Water Lily), orange (Riviera), nude (Incognito) and this purple (Forget Me Not):

But don't you think the tone on tone looks the best?

This is actually a coral pink (Lucky) that to me reads as a red. Or you could just go for my favourite pinky red of all time, Cherries in the Snow from Revlon:

As for the hair, Orlando Pita says we should NOT try it at home. Yes, really. Even though it looks relatively simple (low buns with loose, side-parted front sections), he says "I always try to do a hairstyle that isn’t so easy to do by yourself." Okay then.

Tell me:

Do you match your lips to your nails?

Do you like the matchy-matchy look at Dior or are you more a fan of the red lips with purple (or other nail colours)?

What are your favourite red lipsticks and nail polishes?

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