The Chanel Makeup Look (and Nail Polish Colour!) to Lust After For Spring 2012

It's the moment we've all been waiting for.
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Like I always say—when Chanel speaks, we listen. And I am definitely ready to hear what the brand has to say about beauty for spring '12; namely, that the metallic trend that we swooned over for fall is going to stick around for a while, except with a pearly twist.

That's right: it's all about Girls with Pearls. Not the Mad Men retro necklace kind. And definitely not those pearly finishes that were popular for lipsticks in the '80s. (C'mon. You know what I'm talking about.) Nope, this is an all-new, "2012 pearl" that features glimmering finishes on the lids and nails; mermaid-esque hair; and an all-around "underwater" feeling. Oh, and faux pearl "piercings" too, if you really want to go crazy.

Now, if you've been following all the Fashion Week coverage, you might have had an inkling that designers were on to some kind of deep-sea theme. It was happening at Armani, and Givenchy (which we didn't cover here beauty-wise but had a surfer girl narrative), and who could forget all of the wet-look hair? (Prada, Alexander Wang....) But Chanel—as per usual—was the one brand to tie it all together and present us with a very aspirational, modern and yet highly wearable interpretation. Get ready, because this is makeup and nail polish that you'll be drooling after for spring.

Luminous is the buzzword for skin

If you've been wondering what the trend is for skin (matte? dewy? sun-kissed?), here's your answer. It's luminous.

Probably it had something to do with this particular model casting (read: flawless-skinned peeps only!), but the skin at this show was just BEYOND. I know a lot of you guys are fans of Chanel's Vitalumière foundations, and this is possibly the best advertisement in the world for them. (The makeup artist, Peter Philips, used a combo of Vitalumière Hydra Teint Compact creme, which is only available in Asia, and Vitalumière Aqua Compact creme, which will be available in the U.S. and Europe in March. Probably the closest thing for us forgotten Canadians would be this guy.)

On the cheeks, it's a bright pink limited-edition powder from the upcoming spring 2012 collection, called Blush Horizon de Chanel. Look at this model and tell me: could anything be more gorgeous?

I'm going to assume the folks at home will be skipping the Swarovski pearl adhesives... so let's move straight to the eyes.

Glimmery, "wet-shine" eyes

Whereas last season Chanel did silvery-grey metallic, this time it's a more subtle wash of creamy white pigment. Check it:

And—hooray!—you can get this look RIGHT NOW. It's done using the Illusion d'Ombre shadow pots that I raved about in this vid, and in two shades: Emerveillé (peachy nude) and Fantasme (creamy white). I have the former and even if you don't combine it with the white one, it's an amazing investment as an everyday neutral shadow that you can slap on with your fingers.

To "ground" the look, our mate Peter did a sweep of black pencil (Le Stylo Yeux Waterproof in Ébène) along the upper lash line and beige pencil (Le Crayon Khôl in Clair) on the inner waterlines. Mascara is on the top lashes only for a clean, pretty look.

As for the lips, I don't think I have to tell you that I'm really, really glad that Chanel didn't choose to bring back pearl-finished lips from the 1980s. (You can take a peek at the pic attached to this post if you need a refresher.) Instead, quite appropriately, Peter did a simple nude shine. You could get an approximation of the look with a gloss you have already, but in case you're taking notes, the prodz were Rouge Coco Baume and Lèvres Scintillantes Glossimer lip shine in Plaisir (both available next spring).

And we will just choose to ignore the hair. (Even Sam McKnight said that wet hair worn down "looked a little sad." Although I do think it's mighty cool that he used Pantene's Pro-V Repair and Protect Conditioner as a leave-in mask to get the look.)

Now for the most important breaking news—nails!

The next big nail colour trend: "Oyster"

You know, just like I had an aversion to pearly lips (still do), I've never really warmed to pearly nails. Until now. I'm sorry, but the time is finally right for this.

So much cuter than all of those boring nudes, yes? (They make you look like a mannequin, after all.) I think I like it even better on the toes:

The shade is called Attraction and it will be out in January, so mark your calendars. I'm digging this one a lot more than the Chanel polishes of seasons past—although I love Graphite (which is kinda similar), I never really embraced Paradoxal, or Mimosa, or Nouvelle Vague, or even (sacrilege!) Particulière.

However, if you're not down with this oyster shade then there ARE other options. Via, here's a shot of the other nail shades in the show—April (red), May (pink) and June (orange). They look really dark in this shot, so at first I wasn't into them...

But here, the orange shade is a lot creamier... and simply gorgeous:

Tell me:

Have you ever seen such incredible skin IN YOUR LIFE?

What do you think of these pearly shades for eyes and nails?

Have you tried Vitalumière or the Illusion d'Ombre shadows yet?

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