Celebs Are Either Parting Their Hair to the Side or Straight Down the Middle

Emma and Kirsten rock the deep side part, while Gwyn and Cam take the middle ground.

How often do you change how you part you hair? I mean, REALLY change it? For me it was almost never—based purely on the advice of one Kevin Murphy (yes, THE Kevin Murphy), who advised me during my last attempt to grow out my bangs that I should instead keep them, but angled and parted in the middle. (This served to only solidify my Sienna Miller hair obsession, BTW.)

Anyway, I wore my hair like this, faithfully, for a really long time—until too many weeks passed between bang trims and I was forced to change tactics. That's how I rocked up at my hairdresser Bill Angst's place with a deep side part. And he liked it so much that he pronounced it my New Look.

So now I'm not getting bang trims anymore—I'm growing them—and while this happens I'm officially on Team Deep Side Part. I think I'm in good company because Emma Stone and Kirsten Dunst are there with me too. But as you know, on the runways, the centre part still ruled for spring... and Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz are wearing it well. Come look at all the pics and then tell me which, um, side you're on. (Get it?)

Emma Stone's 1930s glam

I'll take any excuse to post an Emma Stone photo, but these are especially gratifying—I know we're not really talking about makeup today, but I can't think of any other young celeb who does the bright lip thing so well. (It's Revlon, by the way—Emma is their new global brand ambassador—and I raved about this very lipstick right here. The shade is Coral and you can buy it from Well.ca for $9.95 with free shipping in Canada and no minimum order. Coolness!)

Anyway, I sadly don't have any specific intel or how-tos on the hair... but I DO think it's a perfect example of the new, modern way to wear waves. I don't think I need to mention for the 527th time how bored I am with those piecey, dropped-out flat iron curls that everyone wears. But I will, because those usually come with a centre part, see. Here, you could do the exact same type of curls, but just switching up the part—and pushing everything over one shoulder—gives it an entirely fresh look.

The other thing that is great about this style is that if you're at that annoying in-between stage with your bangs (as I am), it's a great way to disguise them.

Aside: please notice the nails:

Did I not say that matchy-matchy lips and nails are making a comeback? Well they are.

Kirsten Dunst's elegant waves

I don't think we've seen Kirsten look this good in a very long time. (She IS our Girl Hot poster child, after all, and that never really translates for the red carpet.) I did a double take when I saw her because the hair just makes her look so grown-up and polished. It's a simple switch, but see how flattering it is? You get to show off your neck and cheekbones on one side, but then there is the mysterious dip over the other side to bring the seksi. It works! A quick tong with a curling iron and you can get that perfect wave at the front.


But now let's go check out the middle-part crew...

Oh HAI! Don't mind us—we're just being all glowy and shiny and famous.

Gwyneth Paltrow's super-straight locks

In general, centre parts are a little harder to wear than side ones—because there's less hair on your face to hide behind—but I think Gwyneth pulls this off well. It's a simple look, very fresh, and in a way makes her look younger because it's just so simple and un-styled. If I had one complaint, though (and you knew this was coming), it's the ends of her hair. She always gets them cut in a very shattered sort of way. I understand this, because her hair is naturally quite thick and wavy and it probably removes a lot of the bulk. But then she proceeds to wear it straight anyway. I would love to see her with something a bit more blunt and crisp.

She also needs some eyebrow pencil. Moving on...

Cameron Diaz's bendy layers

Cammy looks pretty good here, even though we've already discussed how she's perhaps not aging as well as some of her peers. I'm kinda digging the subtle Ombré (the only kind I think is in style now) with the middle part and flicky layers starting from the chin. Again, I think it might just make her look younger because it's such a casual, unpolished look.

And that brings me to my final thought. (Cue: "I couldn't help but wonder...") I'm thinking that the deep side part is the way to go when you need to look grown-up and sophisticated... and the middle part is the road to take when you want to look more young and casual. Or is that an erroneous conclusion?

Tell me in the comments...

Do you always part your hair in the same spot, or do you mix it up?

Which of these celeb styles is your favourite?

Do you think a side part is more grown-up/sophisticated whereas a middle part is younger/more casual?

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