Hollywood Film Awards 2011: The Must-See Beauty Looks

Who had the best hair and makeup on this red carpet?

So apparently I was wrong when I said that the ELLE Women in Hollywood tribute was supposed to get us through until January's People's Choice Awards. I forgot ALL about yet another red carpet event—because who can keep track, really?—called the Hollywood Film Awards. It took place in Beverly Hills on Monday night, and because we love nothing better than to critique celebrities' hair and makeup, I present the photo evidence to you now.

But first! A word of caution: as far as beauty goes, this was a weird one. Even though some of our favourites were in attendance (Michelle Williams, Anne Hathaway, Emma Stone), it was only Michelle who earned my beauty seal of approval. Seriously, there were things going on here with makeup and hair that never should've happened. (Okay, maybe this is all par for the course for someone who "dates" George Clooney... but frankly? The rest of these celebs know better.) Come and see what I mean...

I love you, Emma Stone, but I can't get excited about this look.

Is it the lipstick? I think it's the lipstick. Or maybe the lipstick plus the hair, plus the eyeshadow, plus the earrings. Something is just off here, and I can't quite put my finger on it. However, I do like how the hair is styled—this isn't a great shot of it, but Emma's wearing a perfectly executed side bun.

Anne Hathaway demonstrates the importance of finding the right foundation colour.

Shocking, isn't it? That an A-list celeb like Anne would step out on the red carpet with a whole new sub-species of Eagle? In this case, it's not that her face is lighter than her neck and chest—it's that her face is yellow and her neck and chest are more pink. I've gotta say, this is probably the worst form of Eagle you can have. No matter how much I love her hair (colour and style) and her eye makeup (liner and lashes), you only notice the weirdness with her skin. Make sure this doesn't happen to you! Watch this vid.

This hairstyle is giving Carey Mulligan a fivehead.

Carey is far from a red carpet tragedy here. (I'm not even going to nit-pick about the lashes because actually, the spidery thing is kind of on trend.) But I must urge her to never, ever wear her hair like this again. This pompadour thing that's going on, and in bright platinum no less, is only making her forehead look HUGE. It's not flattering, and it's even more tragic when you consider how darn cute she can look when she has more of a bang.

Michelle Williams delivers the one beauty bright spot in a sea of failure.

Usually, I'm kind of "meh" about Michelle Williams and her short 'do. It's kind of like Halle Berry, who always looks incredible but doesn't really give me anything to talk about. Clearly, both ladies have discovered their Life Cuts—and I don't know what it is about Michelle here, but I'm buying what she's selling. The cut itself is perfection (Carey, take note), her skin is absolutely radiant, and I'm really digging that shade of peach on the lips and cheeks. Nicely played!

Stacy Keibler set her makeup gun to "clown."

Hands up if you believe George Clooney is in a real relationship with this woman. I'm sorry, but just based on her "style," I'm not a believer. Okay, she is clearly a good-looking woman. But when you have a tan this deep (in October!), hair this frosted and makeup this overdone (HELLO blush and eyeshadow and eyeliner!), it's just not classy. And this is why I think she's an employee, not a girlfriend. (But still, George should have at least known enough to arrange a makeunder.)

Amber Heard does the Old Hollywood thing again, but maybe needs her roots done.

Amber's always on the red carpet lately, and I love how she's doing the retro look a lot. It's still a bit much for my tastes—hair too blonde, makeup maybe a tad too heavy—but it would certainly be a better direction for poor old Stacy to follow. I do, however, think that if you're going to commit to being a bright, solid-colour blonde, you need to commit like Gwen Stefani. As in touch-ups every 10 days. Once I start seeing that much root (or whatever is going on here closer to the back), it cheapens it. Have you ever seen Gwen with less-than-perfect colour? I mean it—have you?

Glenn Close is 64. Discuss.

You know bugs me? The carte blanche some people give to celebs of a certain vintage; as in "she looks great for [insert age here]." I'm sorry, but some people actually DON'T look great for their age. And I'm going to come out and say it: Glenn is one of them. I mean, she doesn't look terrible, but I think lots of 64-year-olds are doing better. Even Helen Mirren, who is 66. But I will say something nice: I like how Glenn did her makeup here. (Read these anti-aging makeup tips and you'll understand what she did right.)

Julianne Hough cut her hair. It's an improvement.

Like Stacy Keibler, Julianne Hough is another celeb that needs our help. (And maybe not just in beauty—do you think she's really dating Ryan Seacrest?) The other common theme is the too-dark tan. But I do like that she chopped her hair because it takes away from the fakeness a bit. There is potential here.

Rosie Huntington-Whitely needs to stop it with the "model face."

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is really trying to make this acting thing stick. I'm skeptical, just because she can't seem to stop giving that posey, pouty, model-esque expression on the red carpet. Do you see it? She's so beautiful, obvi, but she doesn't at all have the appeal of, say, a Julia Roberts or a Reese Witherspoon. That said, I do love the way she wears a berry lipstick, and she seems to have followed this trick for channeling your baby hairs into a fuzzy, face-framing halo.

And now I'm turning it over to you...

Which of these celeb looks is your fave?

Which one(s) do you have issues with?

Is it just me or do Stacy Keibler and Julianne Hough have a lot in common?

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