10 Celebrity-Inspired Hair and Makeup Ideas for Halloween

Conjure up a costume with these 10 looks.

If you're like me, you have a closet full of discarded Halloween props. Angel wings, a pitchfork, cowboy hat, cat ears and more than a few of those sequin eye masks. (What can I say? I like the classics.) But if you're itching for something more creative, something more distinctly 2011, then I've got 10 celebrities you could most definitely channel.

All you need is a wig and some crazy makeup shades... 


I know she's no longer sporting her signature fire-engine red, but how many times have you seen that exact colour of wig at the costume store? Style it any way you please (we've seen Rihanna with everything from clown-wig curls to long and stick-straight), but just remember that heat tools will melt plastic. Add some bright blue eyeshadow, pink lipstick and extra-long fingernails (these polishes would come in handy) and you'll be good to go.

Taylor Swift

I know we're always after Taylor for not switching up her look—winged-out black eyeliner, red lipstick and curls that swoop over one side—but that all means she'll make an excellent (read: easily identifiable) Halloween costume. Pair with a mock microphone and the most twee dress you can find.

Kim Kardashian

For this one, you'll need to hit up the fake tan, grab the longest black wig you can find and then buy several packs of false eyelashes at the drugstore. And on that note, prepare to spend a lot of time working on the whole eyelash business—it's tricky business. You will also need to work on your contouring skillz for both face and, um, the breastage area. (Look closely—that...er..."shadow" is definitely enhanced.)

Lady Gaga

Still a strong costume choice for 2011—and really, what look hasn't Lady Gaga tried at this point? Just get creative and you can't go wrong. You'll need to have a blonde wig—whip out your scissors and give it a choppy bob—and then hit up the Shu Uemura lash counter for the best false lash assortment you'll find anywhere. (I'm talking feathers, beads, glitter...)

Beyoncé and Babyoncé

This costume lets you get a bit more glam—it's really all about that red dress and the baby bump. As with Kim K., wear tons of false lashes, a glossy nude lip and then accessorize with boatloads of obnoxious costume jewellery.

Katy Perry

The Geisha girl costume is a fun one regardless, but you can totally add a Katy Perry twist with a lavender-coloured wig and her signature blue eye makeup and pink lips. Make sure to really emphasize the roundness of your eyes... and bring along a Russell Brand-esque male companion to complete the look.


I predict we'll see loads of Snookis running around this year. Forget self-tanner (it won't get dark enough) and just go out and buy some wash-off body tint. Layer repeatedly until you achieve that signature Oompa-Loompa hue. The makeup is obvious: you want the lips and the eyeshadow to be frosty pale—all the better to clash with your newfound skin colour. For hair, you could do the classic Snooki bump, or try these coloured hair extensions (Crayola sells some!).

Nicki Minaj

Apparently Nicki Minaj is the most-searched celeb costume this year. There are two must-haves: you need a blonde wig with blunt bangs, and a pink lipstick (choose from this slightly lavender shade or a hot pink). I'm also loving that glittery turquoise liner under the eyes.

Lindsey Lohan

The celebrity trainwreck costume is always a good one, and poor Linds here provides ample inspiration. As with Snooki, you need a deep and unflattering fake tan; pair it with one of those stringy blonde wigs that are always kicking around the costume shops. Make sure to draw your pink lipstick way outside the lip line for that Juvie-enhanced look. If you can find some false rotting teeth, even better!

Kate Middleton

Okay, so Kate's my number one—just because princess costumes were always my favourite. This one works best for brunettes, though: coax your locks into Kate's bouncy curls and top with an elegant fascinator. For makeup, it's all about the strong brows and that much-discussed under-eye liner. Hopefully, you've got a Prince William to bring along...

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