Glamour Women of the Year Awards 2011: The Must-See Beauty Looks

A-list ladies with A+ beauty! Check out Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba and my girl Emma Stone.

Okay, I may not have been kind with coverage of our last red carpet event. But either I am in a better mood today or the stars at Glamour's Women of the Year Awards last night really did pull it together beauty-wise.

It was a very A-list affair, with attendees like the Jennifers (Aniston and Lopez) and a Jessica (Alba), plus Kerry Washington and my beauty crush Emma Stone. Somehow Lea Michele snuck into the party (one of these things is not like the others), but surprisingly she had one of my favourite beauty looks of the night! Come check 'em all out...

Emma Stone's eyeshadow is outstanding here.

Isn't it? There are a couple things I want to praise about it. First, it's in the same tone as her hair, so it's less dramatic than something with a high contrast. (See, now I have to look for strawberry blonde eyeshadow... does such a thing exist?) Second, I love how the colour is concentrated at the outer edges and extended all the way up to the brows. It lifts the eyes but doesn't look heavy or too "evening." The lip colour and messy ponytail are also adorbs, striking just the right balance between dressed-up and not-trying-too-hard. Love you Emma!

Jessica Alba does nerd chic and still looks gorge.

I have a feeling that in person, Jessica Alba would just take your breath away with her beauty. This isn't really my favourite look (I'm not a fan of the collar on that dress) but she's still stunning. I love that it basically looks like she's not wearing makeup, other than what's on the eyes. And even there, it's executed so well that you don't see makeup—you just see gorgeous brown eyes. I'm jellis.

Jennifer Lopez didn't Botox the shiz out of her crow's feet. I approve.

I was sort of taken aback by this pic because I really didn't expect to see Jennifer with such obvious wrinkles. But you know what? I dig 'em. It makes her look more real. I don't doubt that she's had cosmetic work elsewhere to ward off the hands of time, but this is a favourite trick of dermatologists. You leave the eye-area wrinkles so that you don't look like a freaky ageless wax figure... but everywhere else gets a jab. It's kind of nice to see her not looking so overtly sexy as well—but maybe that's the facial expression more than anything specific about the hair or makeup. She might watch the eyelid shimmer though, as that tends to accentuate creases.

Is this hair barrette too young for Jennifer Aniston? Discuss.

Jen looks so cute here that I totally approve of this hair barrette. (A hairband would be a different story, I think.) Somehow she looks a lot softer (and younger here) than when we last saw her at the ELLE Women in Hollywood tribute. I especially love how light she went with the makeup, and lashes. Less is more!

Kerry Washington is so glam I can't stand it. (But lose the lashes please.)

I love everything about this—the tousled updo, the brows, the blush, the lip colour—except for the lashes. Why, Kerry? WHY? If they were half the length they'd look okay, but there's just no reason to take your entire look into drag queen territory with such obvious fake lashes.

Lea Michele demonstrates the hair you need for Holiday 2011.

I am in love with this hair. This is EXACTLY what I was talking about yesterday, and if I may be so bold, it is the hair you should aspire to for the upcoming holiday season. It's vintage-y, but it's touchable and glamorous and would go with just about any makeup—although it's particularly good with a nice brow and lip as shown here. I'm also in love with Lea's dress—isn't it beautiful?

Tell me:

Which one of these looks is your favourite?

Do you like how the Jennifers (Aniston and Lopez) are keeping it real with a few wrinkles?

Would you try Emma's makeup or Lea's hair?

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