American Music Awards 2011: The Must-See Beauty looks

Taylor Swift tames her curls, Jennifer Hudson wows with fuchsia and Jennifer Morrison has my new favourite hairstyle.

So... how about that dance number by Jennifer Lopez last night? Woof, girl. (Although I was maybe just slightly uncomfortable with all the stripping and grinding.) But seriously, it's hard to believe she's 42 years old. And she's STILL holding her own against youngins like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.

That said, J. Lo's more likely to stick with a classic look (this time, scraped-back hair with nude makeup and a wonderful peach lip) than push the boundaries with a Katy Perry-style hair colour or Jennifer Hudson-style lipstick. But that's why this year's AMAs were a pleasing mix of beauty looks: there was the experimental, the classic and the just plain gorgeous. Let's review!

Hooray! Taylor Swift straightened her hair

This is fabulous for two reasons: a) the curls are gone, and b) the heavy makeup is gone. Wowza—I'm pinching myself!

But let's talk about this. I'm not anti-curly hair... however, it CAN be overwhelming at times, whereas the straight look helps to show off Taylor's delicate features. Especially those lashes! I'm not a huge fan of obviously false ones, but even I have to admit these do look pretty. I'm loving that the rest of the makeup was basically bare, save some peachy blush. I wish we'd see this type of thing on her more often.

Heidi Klum demos a great texture option for mid-length hair

I was loving this hair look as soon as I tuned in last night—it's SO modern and SO unlike those boring flippy waves that I always hate on. Here is where I give another shout-out to the Rowenta Versa Style, which will absolutely help you to get something pretty similar at home (and without too much of a headache).

Despite the hair (and the makeup) Katy Perry looks kinda cute here

Right? It's kind of adorable in a futuristic, Jetsons kind of way. Not that I'm advocating this for the street, mind you. And I REALLY hope she ditches this lavender or whatever colour it's supposed to be soon. I won't even talk about the makeup, because when your hair is that colour a natural look is probably the furthest thing from your mind.

Jennifer Hudson wears the shiz out of a fuchsia lipstick

Sooo good. How can you not get happy just from looking at that smile? This has gotta be her Life Lip Colour. (Remember, we saw it here too?) I really like how she's paired it with that hint of silvery shimmer on the eyelids.

The hair, too, has some interest. What do you think of those lighter pieces in the under-layers? I dig 'em.

I must find a peach lipstick to copy Jennifer Lopez

Okay, so as much as I'm a fan of what Jennifer Hudson was doing last night, I'm an even bigger fan of whatever product is gracing the lips of J. Lo here. Isn't it to die for? It kind of reminds me of the Nina Ricci shade that we collectively went gaga for in the spring. Except, you know. More peach.

As for her skin, well, I've got to take up dancing again too. Look at what it does for you in terms of dewiness.

Check out the hairstyle I'm currently coveting on Jennifer Morrison

Isn't this breathtaking? I want it and I want it NOW. I've always had a thing for unapologetically big, bouncy waves—kinda like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde—but the braided bit sort of tames them so they're not too OTT. (It's also a great way to disguise bangs you're growing out.) The end result was very fairytale princess with a boho twist... especially with that white dress (which I'm coveting too).

With this kind of look you wouldn't want to introduce anything bold in the makeup, so I definitely approve of the soft berry lip gloss, natural blush and subtle eyeliner on the top lid.

Alanis Morrissette, I'm not sure what's going on with your fishtail braid

Oh dear. This could have looked SO amazing... but instead, the execution was all off. I like the idea of looseness around the face, but to then morph into a super-tight fishtail starting at the collarbone is plain weird. Frankly, it looks like a DIY job. I would've also liked to see Alanis with softer, more modern makeup—say, a smoky eye and a nude lip? I'm just feeling like this look is a little '90s... which, come to think of it, was the last time I saw this chick.

Something continues to be off about Katherine Heigl

What is it? Is it the hair colour? The makeup? Or is it just the nervous, "is my career in Hollywood over" expression that's throwing me off? Like I keep saying, something's up with Katherine and it's sapping her beauty. For starters, I would urge her to grow out her hair to collarbone-length and consider trading in the platinum for a honey or strawberry blonde.

Also: were her boobies always this big or did she get something done down there?

Don't hate me for saying this, but Audrina Patridge looks kind of good here

You know that part in Mean Girls—"stop trying to make fetch happen"? This is what I think of when I see Audrina. And yet, I've got to give the girl props for this unexpectedly pretty vintage beauty look. The bolt-on chest kind of ruins it, but everything above that is a pretty impressive execution. Or maybe it's just that I jump for joy every time I see a celeb who has decided to ditch those cookie-cutter curls.

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Anne Vyalitsyna does amazing things with eyeliner

Now THIS is how you tightline, folks. Yes, she's a model, and therefore will automatically look 100 times better than you or I ever will—but I think this is a great example of how a simple eyeliner technique can dress up your look. Notice how it's all the way around the eyes, and then the lids (and the entire rest of the face, in fact) are bare.

I love her hair too. Even though I'm growing mine out, I'll always have a soft spot for those long angled bangs.

Jenny McCarthy is scaring me

It's the hair and the lipstick, mainly. Oh, and her facial expression. But in terms of what can be helped—this is a perfect example of why my platinum blonde hair experiment of 2006 was rather short-lived. The re-growth is just ug. At least in my case, I didn't attempt to wear it with a lip colour like this one. With the hair and the eye makeup, it's just way too dark and unflattering.

Tell me:

Did you watch the American Music Awards?

Which celeb(s) do you think looked the best?

Do you have any advice for the other peeps?

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