What To Buy From the Holiday 2012 Nail Polish Collections

Hint: I'm swooning over rose gold!

I went shopping on the weekend and encountered my first Christmas music of the season—although I hear some places have been playing it since October. Yowza! I think my reaction to it (anxiety, annoyance) means that I'm nowhere near ready to start thinking about the holidays.

Unless we're talking nail polish, that is. Do YOU have a holiday nail polish wardrobe? Because you really should. See, it's all about outfit coordination. Sure, you can totes get by with a classic red from seasons past... but the beauty stakes are getting higher in this category. You'll be so much more on trend if you play with metallics, glitters or unusual shades like navy, green or vampy burgundy. Here's a look at what's new this year, along with my favourite colour picks. Consider it my early bird gift to you!

Deborah Lippmann Holiday Collection

The shade that's currently gracing my fingernails AS I TYPE THIS is Glamorous Life, the utterly gorgeous metallic rose gold at the bottom left. (Fun fact: it was inspired by a rose gold Rolex watch.)

Essie "Cocktail Bling" Winter Collection

I found the colour selection here a bit surprising, since I wouldn't normally associate so many pale shades (Bangle Jangle, a lavender; Cocktail Bling, a grey; and Brooch the Subject, a beige) with a cold-weather collection. I'm going to have to go with the red here—and maybe that has to do with the name. Size Matters! There's nothing like a little beauty double entendre.

The other newness from Essie are these LuxEffects topcoats, which I mentioned a few weeks back:

These would look awesome paired with the winter collection or any of your existing colours. The glitter ranges from fine to chunky, and because I like to go big or go home, my fave is the third one, A Cut Above.

Butter London Holiday Collection

There are only three in this range, but I'm a fan of them all—especially The Black Knight at far right. With black, pink, blue and silver glitter suspended in a black base, it TOTALLY reminds me of a shade I was obsessed with last winter from Deborah Lippmann called Bad Romance.

M.A.C Dazzlesphere Petite Nail Lacquer Ornament

How adorbs is this? It could totally make a cute gift for a girlfriend or female relation... or you could just treat yourself. Whichever. There are four mini bottles: Much Adored (pale shimmer), Style Tip (creamy neutral pink), Dark Angel (deep purple; not shown) and my favourite, Mistletoe (greenish-goldish metallic).

OPI Muppets Collection

I'll admit that my initial reaction to the Muppets association was not a positive one. But then I realized there is one shade that makes total sense—and is totally awesome. Rainbow Connection. It's the first bottle in the bottom row, and it is like a party for your nails. (Kind of like multi-coloured metallic confetti.)

Nicole by OPI Holiday Glitters

As a collection, I'm not loving these together because there's something a bit muddy about the shades. However, individually, they are fab—I especially dig the purple (My Sleigh's in the Shop).

Dior Holiday Vernis

Vernis is a fancy French word for nail polish, just in case you were wondering. And fancy this collection is—I wish I could get my paws on some! All are utterly covetable, but the blogosphere is going the most crazy over the second shade, Exquis. It's a golden khaki, so if you're a fan of the beigey-grey brown polishes, this is like a dressy version. Personally, I'm more drawn to the third shade, Merveille (an orangey-red).

NARS Night Series

Total swoon over these. There's just something about how NARS does colour that gets me every time. My fave is number three, Night Breed, which is a black with silver glitter. (I don't know how festive that is... maybe for New Year's Eve?) The deep green (Night Porter) and navy (Night Flight) are awesome too.

Broadway Nails imPress Press-On Manicure

I'm seriously impressed (get it?) with these new press-on manicures (coming to drugstores next month!). I know that phrase is a bit '80s tacky, but for last-minute nail emergencies, this is good stuff, girls. They just stick on your nails (frankly, a little easier than the nail strips I talked about in this vid), last up to a week and you can totally file down the shape however you want. To remove you just peel them off. The best part is the shade range: there are 36 to choose from, including solids and Minx-like patterns. You can look at the shades and play with their try-on app here.

Tell me:

Have you tried any of these polishes yet?

What shades are you feeling for the holiday season?

Would you try a press-on nail?

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