People's Choice Awards 2012: The Must-See Beauty Looks

Who had the best hair and makeup on this red carpet?

ZOMG! Awards season has started up again... where does time go? I have to say, I've been missing these celebrity mugs lately, especially my girl Emma. And at the People's Choice Awards on Wednesday night, she did NOT disappoint. Girl wore a suit! And her hair all casual. I kinda love her for that. I mean, just wait 'til you see Demi Lovato and you will know *exactly* what I mean.

As is Beauty Editor tradition, we've got a long list of famous faces here to scrutinize (and maybe judge, if you're so inclined). Come on, let's discuss who's off to a great start on the 2012 red carpet... and who needs help, stat!

Emma Stone

Aside from the fact that I love the red (hair) + green (outfit) combination, what a magnificent example of tightlining the waterlines! It's been ages since I've employed this technique—what can I say, I go through beauty phases and this is the current one I'm in—but this inspires me to get back on the program. You?

Ginnifer Goodwin

This is my favourite hair length on her... much better than the aggressive spikey punky thing circa Met Ball 2011. Notice also, if you will, the eyeshadow technique; how it's all pointy at the outer corners. (If it looks familiar, we saw an exaggerated version of it on Fergie last year.) It is A THING. And keep reading, because Ginnifer wasn't the only one to wear it.

Miley Cyrus

Aw, Miley's growing up! I've gotta give her credit here—the sideswept 'do is much fresher than how she usually wears her hair, and also age-appropriate. I'm a little meh about the Ombré, but at least the length is not TOO obviously extension'd-out (even though let's not kid ourselves; they're in there). Nice brows, too.

Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev, what sleek and shiny hair you have! There was a Pureology event not too long ago where one of the hair models had locks like these—all glossy brown and straight and parted in the middle—and I love the simplicity of the look. Too bad about the wardrobe malfunction in the neckline area.

Vanessa Hudgens

So Vanessa was the other celeb, besides Ginnifer, who rocked this new-ish eyeshadow thing. Except a little pointier still! I think I might like it. Although overall she is just one of those people who leaves me with the Too Much feeling. Between the eye makeup, earrings, hair (you can't see it here, but it's all gelled back in this windswept style) and the dress, I'm slightly overwhelmed.

Jennifer Lawrence

No, not the greatest pic. However, she still gets a thumbs up from me simply for the makeup. You know how I was always on Blake Lively's case for the way she wore eyeshadow? Well, Jennifer has the same type of eyes (as do I; we have lots of lid and not much of a crease), and I'm quite simply blown away by how much I like this softly diffused taupe. YES, even though I'm generally not a fan of obvious eyeshadow on this eye shape. The peach blush and lipstick are also perfection.

Kristen Bell

Too. Much. Blush. Now there's a phrase I'll bet you thought I'd never say! And yet, it's the main problem here—so much redness, and maybe even shimmer, happening on the cheeks and competing with not only her dress but her other features. One doesn't know where to focus.

Ashley Greene

I don't really feel strongly about this (or Ashley Greene herself, for that matter). She looks pretty here, though. Decent makeup, good brows, shiny hair.

Demi Lovato

I can't. I can't look at these brows and eyelashes. It's the stuff beauty editor nightmares are made of. GIVE ME MORE EMMA.

Kaley Cuoco

Oh, and speaking of beauty editor nightmares, add these brows and this hair to the list. And possibly also the eye makeup. What the what?!? Talk about stealing a pretty girl's beauty. First of all, she needs a proper eyebrow shaping—they're waaaay too rounded. Her eyes are quite round in shape too, so the brows and then the rounded eyeshadow application are bringing that out even more. The hair is doing the same thing. I have to look away now.

Julianne Hough

How great does Jules look here? Cutting her hair was an excellent beauty decision, because this is a lob to rival all lobs. Between that and the whole "dating Ryan Seacrest," girl is destined for bigger things, dontcha think?

Elisha Cuthbert

What a disappointment. Elisha, we expect more from you. Stringy hair and visible roots do not a red carpet appearance make. I think she needs to cut it all off—I believe she's one of those girls where short hair is her best look.

Lucy Hale

Here's another great lob. It's the new It length, I tell you. Although I'm not certain it works with this neckline... I think having it all pulled back would be better to show off that aggressive shoulder. Love the brows!

Kelly Osbourne

Abort abort abort. What the HECK is Kelly thinking colouring her hair grey? When Kate Moss does it, fine. But we've already talked about how blonde helps soften Kelly's strong features. This is Not Cute. Nor is the eye makeup/lipstick combo.

Tell me:

Which star(s) were YOUR faves?

Who needs to re-think their 2012 beauty resolutions?

If you were going to walk the red carpet, which look would you copy?

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