Critics' Choice Awards 2012: The Must-See Beauty Looks

I spy lots of fuchsia lippie and copper eyeshadow...

Can I squeeze in a little red carpet beauty appetizer before we get to the main course? The appetizer being the Critics' Choice Awards, natch (they happened last Thursday), and the big, juicy, main being the Golden Globes (which, unless you're on a no-media diet, took place last night).

So let's hold tight on the last one for a moment, because there are a couple of important beauty developments from last week that deserve our attention. Namely, Michelle Williams' incredible new hair colour; the fuchsia lipstick favoured by Diane Kruger and Kirsten Dunst; the coppery tones done best by Charlize Theron... and finally, just HOW Emma Stone manages to look so darn amazing at every turn. It's not fair.

Diane Kruger

Perfect and effortless, as always. Do you like the lip? I love hot pink with pale yellow. Notice also the slightly chunkier eyelashes.

Kirsten Dunst

Speaking of pink lips, here's another example. Pretty, right? I think we tend to save the bright lips (other than red) for the warmer months, but this just shows you don't have to—the hot pink pops against the black in a younger way that you'd never get from a red.

Elizabeth Olsen

Okay, I love this girl, but I'm not sure I love the makeup tones. Is it just me or is everything a little too... brown? I know tawny shades are making a comeback, but I can't help but think a little more colour would be more flattering and healthy-looking. Perhaps a warmer lip or cheek with that eyeshadow (and the complexion-dulling yellow dress)?

Emma Stone

Le sigh. My Emma obsession continues. I NEED to make my eyeliner do that. (It looks like the flicks are coming from the lower, not upper lid?) Love that it's a shimmery navy, to match the dress, and the lip and cheek colours couldn't be more perfect with her hair and skin tone. Does this girl ever make a misstep?

Charlize Theron

While Elizabeth Olsen's brown makeup didn't do it for me, I'm admiring the copper lids that Charlize has here—not sure if it's because she's quite tanned, wearing black, has a pinky lip or all three. The braid-bun is impressive too—cute idea if you want a twist on ye olde side bun.

Michelle Williams

Probably the reason I love this hair colour so much is because I've dedicated the better part of a year trying to be blonde but not TOO blonde. (Yes, I'm taming my blonderexia.) See how this strawberry blonde is more flattering with Michelle's skin tone than the platinum? She looks adorbs.

Evan Rachel Wood

What is it about ERW that gives off the aura of beauty desperation? This is just too contrived—the juvenile hair, the overdone brows, the heavy lashes and eyeshadow. Even the lipstick and blush are sorta wrong in colour (they look kind of too "mature" if you know what I mean). I would like to scrub it all off and start over.

Stacy Keibler

You know what? I may not have always been kind to Stace, but she looks pretty good here. The hair could use some brushing out at the ends, and I'm not sure about that eyeshadow (was it really necessary with the lip?), but overall she's come a long way. See what a few months of George's tutelage can do?

Busy Philipps

What a gorgeous blue-red! (And gorgeous lips as well.) I like that she wisely went for minimal makeup everywhere else. The only thing, and this is really nit-picking, is that I may possibly have an issue with her hair colour. It's that ashy blonde that can look a bit dull and grey.

What do you think?

Which were your favourite looks from the Critics' Choice Awards?

Do you agree that Evan Rachel Wood needs a makeunder?

How do you feel about this whole brown makeup trend?

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