Golden Globes 2012: The Must-See Beauty Looks

The best and worst celebrity beauty looks—plus everyone in between!

Here we go! It's your GG beauty coverage—and my goodness, there are a lot of celebs to view and discuss! (Um, 25, to be exact.)

My overall observation? There was a lot more experimentation going on with the hair than the makeup. And of course, as is the case with every awards show, a whole bunch of celebs stuck with the can't-go-wrong updo and nude makeup combo. It's boring for beauty editors, but it works.

Shall we do something different this time and start with my least favourite looks first? (You know, the automatic ABORT ABORT ABORTs.) Then, we'll talk about the mushy middle, and finally get to my favourites of the night. Let's dig in!

Part 1: My Least Favourite Golden Globes Beauty Looks

Claire Danes

Pairing a strong eye with a strong lip is no longer wrong (see: Angelina below), but it's still tricky. You have to be polished, polished polished—and Claire is not. I sympathize with the shiny skin problem, but it IS the Golden Globes after all. Plus, I find the makeup in general just waaaay too harsh for her hair and complexion.

Nicole Kidman

It's my celebrity doppelganger! Except the resemblance becomes more problematic the more she does to her lips and face. Mostly I have a problem with her hair here—it looks too flat and kind of stringy for an awards show. Where is the volume?

Jessica Biel

Okay, The Hair. Why did she dye it so dark? I don't think this colour is at all flattering. (And believe me, I've been there and shudder at my photos too.) Second, she needs some kind of frizz-taming serum. It just looks messy. Love the lip colour though!

Heidi Klum

Is she going to the beach or a red carpet event? I mean, it's not wrong, but it's not right either. Between the necklace, the hair and the tanned, nude face, I'm getting a way too casual vibe.

Salma Hayek

And just like that, I was over Ombré. I mean, REALLY over it. I'm sorry—I know the rest is great (I love the waves), but I can't wrap my head around this two-tone dye job. It even kinda looks like she has greys!

Freida Pinto

Freida is gorgeous, yes, but here's another example of hair that maybe was a tad too casual. It doesn't look too bad in this side-view pic, but front-on it was especially boring.

Evan Rachel Wood

Once again, I've got reservations about ERW. It's the same old story: something about the way her makeup is applied is too mature. Too heavy. Too dark. Look at the lipstick! Why is it like that?!?

Sofia Vergara

I hesitated about whether or not to put Sofia on my "worst" list, but I've decided it's time—these unkempt brows have to go. It's the way they curve down at the inner corners—I feel like taking a few millimetres off would do a world of good.


Madonna is on this part of the list only because we've seen this beauty look before. All of it. Many times. Including the cross necklace! Also: would it kill you to touch up your roots? It's only the Golden Globes, Madonna. (Although she's not the only offender...)

Part 2: Golden Globes Beauty Looks that I'm on the Fence About

Jessica Alba

Nothing to say here, except that she looks great in a generic sort of way.

Natalie Portman

I feel like we saw this exact same thing at multiple awards shows last year, didn't we? That was Natalie's year. Not that she doesn't look amazing here, too.

Kate Beckinsale

Are you getting bored yet? Here's yet another pretty updo with pretty makeup.

Kate Winslet

At least Kate did something a little different with her updo and gave it the side-bang here. Is her hair too blonde? Sometimes I think it's too blonde.

Reese Witherspoon

Yikes! I wasn't expecting Sexy Reese. Don't you much prefer Cute Reese? I'm not really sure what inspired this look, but I'll give it a pass, even though I prefer her with straight hair. Root touch-up also needed!

Elle Macpherson

Here's another variation on the tousled, blonde, rooty look. It works, because, well, it's ELLE. Just wondering if she could've maybe worn a bit more of an eye or lip to give this a focal point.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

This is a little too cheerleader for me. Remember when Reese did the ponytail last year? It worked for her, but I'm not so sure SMG has the personality for it. Also, is the blue eyeliner a bit much? Maybe I'm nit-picking because I didn't like the dress.

Part 3: My Fave Golden Globes Beauty Looks

Michelle Williams

Yes, it's a bit cutesy, but I don't think I care—Michelle is just way too adorable with this headband. I want to put her in my pocket. Also love the very, very fine eyeliner on the lower waterline.

Charlize Theron

Speaking of hair accessories, here's another version, this time with a more Grecian goddess vibe. Perfectly excuted, Charlize! And you know, she's one of those people who look better with less makeup.

Rooney Mara

The girl of the moment looked pretty darn striking last night. Even though none of this is my style, I'm totally digging the super-slick hair, strong part and emphasis on the upper lashes. It all suits her perfectly.

Mila Kunis

Best brows in the business. Don't you think? Maybe that's why Mila was one of my favourites, despite having very low-key makeup and hair. Sometimes, I like simple.

Dianna Agron

Weird skating-style bodice aside, I love this lip on Dianna. And the texture-y hair is rather awesome too.

Emma Stone

Well, of course Emma's on my favourites list! Duh. This time, she went for an artistic, smoky-silvery eye. The girl is a beauty editor's dream, see?

Angelina Jolie

So her skin's a bit pale. I still think this works, possibly because it's relatively rare to see Ange in a bold lip. It's exciting! There is also a good sense of balance between the lip and the eye, so the whole look comes across as sophisticated (not overdone, like Claire).

Nicole Richie

Yay Nicole for doing something really fun with your hair! I'm totally digging this bouffant-ponytail hybrid with the long, lash-grazing bangs. Another key part of the look was the heavy brown eyeliner on the lower lash line. I likey!

Zooey Deschanel

Okay, I've saved the best for last—Zooey was my favourite. Not the dress, but her impossibly shiny, voluminous hair, and the doe-eyed mascara technique. I tell you, if my hair could do this I'd be happy forever. In the meantime, I'll settle for making a concerted effort to apply more mascara than ever before on my lower lashes.

Okay, over to you...

Who were your GG faves?

Are we in agreement about the "worst" list?

If you had to walk a red carpet tomorrow, which look would you copy?

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