SAG Awards 2012: The 5 Major Hair Trends

From halo braids to pretty ponies.

So the Screen Actors Guild Awards happened on Sunday. (Or the SAGs, as most people like to call 'em... I also use the very same term for what's happening to my thighs.)

Moving on though—I think it's safe to conclude that this was one of the most experimental red carpets in beauty memory. Not so much with makeup, but most definitely with hair. Surprisingly, there were only a few borderline-boring updos (of course Natalie Portman among them). Instead, I saw braids, I saw ponytails, I saw loose and flowing locks, and a bunch of amazing short crops. Exciting, non? Here are the five big trends:


I love a pony on the red carpet. (You know, the hair kind... not the horse kind like Lindzi trotted in on on The Bachelor.) Sofia Vergara wore hers long and low:

It's a nice change from her usual look (although I'm still having issues over those brows and that lipstick choice).

Diane Lane is so, so gorgeous, and I love that she went with a simple—but voluminous—pony to show off her great skin and fine features:

But it was Jayma Mays who had my favourite pony of all.

The placement is way high on the head but the tousled texture and hair wrapped around the base save it from looking like a cheerleader.

Now here's where the trend started to go a bit wrong.

Sarah Hyland is so pretty, but she is going to the prom here, not a Hollywood event. Girl needs to lose the curly tendrils (and that frosty makeup, while she's at it).

Kelly Osbourne is also doing the curly tendril thing:

However, if I had to choose I'd say the grey hair offends me far more. What is UP with that?


Obviously, Michelle Williams is the reigning queen of short hair:

Just perfect. (I really, really love this colour on her instead of that harsh platinum.)

Rose Byrne was also one of my faves:

Adorbs! It's like the old Katie Holmes style, which I totally miss. It's definitely a "look," and you really have to commit to it, but Rose really pulls it off. Notice also the super-subtle colour job, kind of a grown-up Ombré.

Then there is Ashlee Simpson. No idea what (if anything) is going on in her career at the moment—but putting that aside, isn't this a great haircut? I wrote a short hair story a couple of months ago and one of the hairdressers I interviewed cited this as an excellent option. Take note:

But yowza! Mind the boobage.

Finally, we have beauty eccentric Tilda Swinton...

Nothing to say about the hair... but I just want to give this woman some mascara.


Ding ding ding! We have a winner in this category, and it's Dianna Agron:

How great is this? Not only is it a halo braid, but it's a FISHTAIL halo. Whoever did this got everything right: the placement, the colour, the slightly dry, messy texture. I love everything about it.

Now compare and contrast with Kaley Cuoco.

Talk about a beauty WTF. It's obvious that this isn't her real hair, and making it even worse, it's just kind of sitting there too perfectly on top of a Sarah Hyland-esque prom 'do. Also hating the brows and heavy eye makeup.

Meanwhile, the braid trend also made its way into long 'dos, here on Busy Philipps...

I thought this style (not to mention dress and necklace) were far too casual for a red carpet, but I do like the hair. In fact, I plan to try it myself—if, like me, you usually wear your hair down, this is a fun way to update it while still looking like "you."


I'm a huge fan of the high-low in fashion, and I think the beauty equivalent is undone hair with a fancy dress. Hence this category, which was huge at the SAGs. Angelina Jolie looked totally ano in her dress (and I mean that in a bad way, FYI). But her hair (and makeup) were awesome.

Rawrrr. I'm totes digging this pushed back off the face style.

Lea Michele was also lookin' good:

Looks like her bangs are almost grown out and she can do more tousled-looking styles now.

Roots aside, Katrina Bowden has pretty hair here:

Same with Kyra Sedgwick:

It's standard Hollywood hair, but the waves are softer and more solid-looking than the piecey bits of seasons past.

Finally, rocking the total opposite look was newcomer Jessica Chastain:

She was the only one to go for a retro style (which was really big last year). I think it still looks great, since the waves are soft and touchable and her makeup's very light.


There were a whole bunch of interesting updos on Sunday night. Unfortch, like I said, Natalie Portman's was one of the least interesting.

It's pretty, she's pretty... but would it kill her to mix it up a bit for us? Come on, Nat.

Zoe Saldana also did a fairly unremarkable updo, although the texture is kind of nice:

Then there was my girl Emma Stone.

I have to say, I wasn't crazy about her look, although maybe it was because I just don't like those '50s-style poufy dresses. This is fine—I just prefer something a little softer, messier, less polished on Emma.

That said, I like it heaps better than Emily Blunt's hair:

This is SO not doing her any favours. I think it's both the colour (which is far too dark for her) and the style (which is almost Victorian—kind of flat and hanging there). Yikes.

What a contrast to Amber Heard...

You know what? I'm down with this. It's young, edgy and Amber's got the 'tude to pull it off. (I, on the other hand, could nevah evah wear this.) I'm not sure how I feel about her eye makeup though.

Lastly we have Octavia Spencer:

I'm into this. (Although would have preferred it all one colour instead of those contrasting bits in the bun.) Not everyone can wear the high, tight ballerina bun on the top of the crown, but if you have the features for it, and a round hairline, it's one of the prettiest red carpet 'dos. Pretty sure this requires a sock bun—anyone tried one?

Tell me:

Which were your favourite SAGs hairstyles?

Which 'dos should these celebs ditch?

Are you inspired to try any of these styles? (I think Busy's braid is in my future this weekend.)

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