Let's Declare 2012 the Year of the Bob

Who knew Bachelor Ben was such a trendsetter?

Is it just me or is, like, every celebrity wearing her hair in a bob, or at least a lob (long bob), lately? If I think back to my magazine beauty editor days, I know they both had their moments through the mid- to late-'00s, starting with Katie Holmes and Rihanna going for the chop, and then the whole lob thing started by Gwyneth (who then passed the torch to Olivia Palermo).

I know, it's hard to keep up. (Although if you recall, I did alert you to this whole development last year.) So what's changed? Well, it feels like celebs are going even shorter now—as in well above the collarbones, or even above chin-length. And there are certainly more and more of them getting in on the trend. So that makes my beauty Spidey sense start to tingle, and I can't help but feel the need to discuss this with you guys... in case you're kindamaybesorta thinking about a hair change. (Disclaimer: I say all of this even though personally, hell would have to freeze over before I cut my hair above shoulder-length.)

Oh! And you know what else really, REALLY convinces me that this bob thing is officially a full-fledged trend? Bachelor Ben.

I'm in a Bachelor pool—you know, like a hockey pool except for girls—and therefore get to admire this guy's hairstyle every Monday night. He's wearing one hell of a bob, no?

Obviously, this style would be better on a female though (Ben doesn't do it for me). So let's talk about Cameron Diaz, the latest celeb to embrace the bob.

This is how it looked for its original debut at the Golden Globes after-party:

Not so good, right? There's something about those curls that's terribly aging. The colour too—I maybe would've been down with this in my blonderexia days, but platinum can be very harsh on the complexion.

However. I reserve the right to change my mind, and as soon as I saw the pics of her wearing it in a straighter style, like at the Valentino couture show (at the top of this post), and here, at the Chanel show, I decided I'm Pro Bob on Cammy after all:

Maybe it's because it reminds me of There's Something About Mary and that gives me the warm fuzzies. But I think the bob just might be Cameron's Life Cut. Her hair is so fine, it makes it look thicker—and worn straight, the style makes her look at least five years younger. I'm even changing my tune on the platinum, because her previous "bronde" tone would've looked just a bit too blah when straight. Do you agree?

Another recent bob convert is Katy Perry:

And unlike the Cameron situation, this just needs to stop. I've made no secret of the fact that the Katy I prefer is the Teenage Dream video Katy. I don't think this short, super-straight style is doing her any favours... although let's face it, the biggest crime is that colour. I've seen 12-year-olds with better Manic Panic skillz.

Now let's move our attention to the recent SAG awards, because there was some excellent bob action on the red carpet. Well... can you call Ashlee's style a bob? It's maybe some kind of bob/short hair hybrid. And blow me over with a feather—I love it.

Like I said, I'll never cut my hair short—but if I absolutely had to, this would be the style for me. That deep side part and the way it tucks behind her ear is so pretty, and I'd say fairly universally flattering.

Rose Byrne's SAG style was totally different but also gets two thumbs up from me:

With the bangs, it's more of a commitment, but what an excellent style to show off shiny, healthy, swingy (preferably brunette) hair.

Then there's the adorable Carey Mulligan. Did you know she's playing Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby (out in December)? I cannot wait.

Her style is a little bit similar to Ashlee's with how it tucks so prettily behind the ears. LOVE.

Of course, no discussion of bobs/lobs would be complete without a mention of Olivia Munn, whose hair I've admired for some time now:

Is it a bob or a lob? I guess it's hovering somewhere in between, and is cut on an angle (Victoria Beckham styles). I'm actually not crazy about this and would love to see her go both softer and shorter.

Next up is Katherine Heigl, and for once I'm happy to be giving out beauty praise. Check it:

What an improvement! For once, her hair is flattering and doesn't make her look 20 years older. Let's hope this development continues. Also? Cameron should have styled HER bob this way, with more controlled (not frizzy/dry) curls.

Last but not least, let's look at two celebs who were first out of the gate on the bob trend. Remember Cate Blanchett at the Oscars last year?

Well, her hair has grown out a bit now... but I think it's still safely in the lob category at least. (I actually think this looks better on her.)

The other early adopter was Dianna Agron:

Now, her hair is maybe an inch or two longer, and I absolutely adore how she keeps switching it up. Here's a recent pic:

Love the volume on top, love the makeup even... just maybe think about those roots, Di.

Anyway! Clearly LOADS of bob looks to choose from—and I have word from celebrity hairstylist Rodney Cutler that the bob is "the most compelling haircut of all time." (I interviewed him recently for a FLARE story—he's the man behind Emma Watson's pixie.) Rodney says the reason the bob is so great is that it works with every face shape and hair type... so if you're considering a hair change, one of these celeb styles is bound to work for you. Remember, do as I say... not as I do.

Which bob do you like best?

Would you ever wear this length yourself?

Is Bachelor Ben giving anyone else the creeps? (Skinny-dipping with Courtney, Ben? COME ON.)

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