I Went On a Beauty-Focused Custom Cleanse From Total Cleanse

Can a juice cleanse get rid of holiday bloating? Part three in our Detox Diaries.

Editor’s note: And now for the third and final juice cleanse in Carole's Detox Diaries! If you recall, she started with the Benourished juice cleanse in Part 1, the BluePrintCleanse in Part 2, and now, here's the lowdown on the Total Cleanse... which is not only totally customizable, but can be geared toward getting better skin. HELLO!

With two cleanses under my belt, I’ve been getting used to the whole juicing thing, and even—shocka!—found myself craving green juices since my foray with the BluePrintCleanse. The next up was one of the first Toronto-based juice cleanse companies, Total Cleanse.

They offer four levels of juice-only cleanses (Energize, Revitalize, Refresh, and Purify, in order of intensity). But even cooler is the option to create a customized plan of your own with any of their juices for one, two, three, five or seven days. At this point, I was a little juiced out, so I opted for the two-day plan and went for a custom set of juices targeted at giving you better skin. (Again, they don't specifically offer this as a standard cleanse, but Sam, the PR, recommended it to me since it has a beauty focus.)

So... glowy complexion, here I come!

My plan included six 500mL bottles per day: three Green Energy, one Very Berry and two Creamy Cashew Milk drinks for each of the two days. (And, well, no food.)

The Green Energy is full of cucumber (the silica helps reduce irritation and swelling) and romaine and celery (for vitamin C), while Very Berry is chock-full of antioxidants from blueberries and more vitamin C from pineapple. The Creamy Cashew Milk has B vitamins (which aid in metabolic activity) and copper (to remove free radicals and produce melanin). Since I'd had a few minor breakouts that formed from the purging of toxins during my previous cleanses, I was seriously hoping that my skin would be transformed by the end of the two days.

When you order, they email you a guide that contains information on how to prepare for and break your cleanse, delivery details and frequently asked questions.

Day One

The juices were dropped off on my porch overnight, with each day’s worth of juices inside an insulated cooler bag. Like all the other plans, I started with a glass of water in the morning before consuming my first juice of the day. My breakfast consisted of Green Energy, followed by the Creamy Cashew Milk as a mid-morning snack about two to three hours later. The Creamy Cashew Milk is different from the other nut milks I’ve tried, as it’s neither as thick as the Almond Bliss from Benourished or as sweet as the Cashew Milk from BluePrintCleanse. Total Cleanse’s version has a slightly more neutral taste and texture that is closest to regular milk.

It's still satisfying as a nut milk, and I didn’t mind that I wasn't shocking my system with sweetness in the morning. I’m also quite glad that I got to consume something a bit more satisfying early in the day on this plan, since the other ones had me waiting until dinnertime to have this treat.

At this point, I was chugging water and herbal teas in between each juice by the bucket loads. I had another Green Energy drink for lunch. (Full disclosure: I imagined it was soup. Very cold soup.) By the afternoon, it was time for the Very Berry juice. Unlike the others, it wasn’t particularly filling, but the burst of sugary taste in my mouth (that I've been missing for weeks now!), lifted my sluggish afternoon, and the fruity flavour mentally transported me to somewhere warmer and possibly tropical.

Dinner part one was my last Green Energy of the day, followed by part two a few hours later, a second Creamy Cashew Milk. Having cleansed for a while now, this day felt like old hat.

Day Two

The second day was the exact same plan as day one. One thing I noticed that was different from my other cleanses was that, having refrained from eating meat and dairy for nearly a week, I noticed my mouth didn’t feel like it was covered in a film while juicing. I know, gross, right? But this texture in my mouth was something I definitely noticed with the other two cleanses. The only explanation I can think of for this symptom not recurring was that this time I stuck to a vegan, mainly raw-food diet since the last cleanse.

Preparing my system definitely made things easier on me. As my day wore on with the same routine, I found it a bit redundant (although not difficult), going to the fridge every few hours to grab a juice and drink it followed by water.

The Verdict

Sticking to the plan wasn’t tricky and I was glad that the custom option allowed me to forgo another bottle of lemonade. Also, like I said, it was great to have the Creamy Cashew Milk in the morning—newbie juice cleansers would probably love this option to help keep cravings at bay. Having the flexibility to create your own plan is also awesome, since you can consider both your physical needs and those of your taste buds while tackling a juicing challenge.

But what you really care about is my skin, yes?

I did get breakouts when I first started with the other plans. But by the end of Total Cleanse I didn't see any new spots, and there was slight improvement with existing ones.

I also noticed increased plumpness, and my skin felt more hydrated and supple. But it's hard to say if that was from this specific plan, or just because I was drinking loads of liquids all day. Either way, it definitely inspired me to make an effort to stay more hydrated, and flooding my system with so many skin-beautifying nutrients can never hurt. Probably if I'd done a longer plan than two days, I would have noticed even more benefits.

Total Cleanse is available across Canada, with pricing varying by delivery location and length of cleanse. (There is a slight cost reduction the longer you choose to cleanse—one-day plans start at $55 to $80 per day, depending on your location). For more details, visit totalcleanse.ca.

Carole Park is a Toronto-based freelance writer and beauty editor at FrontRowMag.com. She has contributed to TorontoLife.com, The Globe and Mail, BlackBookMag.com, ElleCanada.com, FASHION, Lush, Argyle and Strut. Follow her on Twitter: @carolepark.

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