8 of the Best New Lip Products for Spring 2012

Here are the ones your lips should know about.
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Ten years ago, The Bachelor was in its first season, we all thought super-low-rise jeans looked cool (we were SO mistaken)... and our lip product choices were seriously, sadly, limited. Do you remember? You either wore goopy, sticky gloss; drying, heavy, too-dark lipstick; or a plain colourless balm like Blistex.

It warms my heart just thinking about how far we've come. Glosses are getting less goopy—in fact, many have morphed into the new gloss-balm category I talked about in this post. Lipsticks are way balmier—as the French say, they're more "comfortable"—and in some cases have merged completely into sheer, hybrid tinted balm formats. We're even seeing a new form of lip stain that's also...wait for it... glossy.

Does this excite you? It should. Here's a look at the major spring lip launches that you need to know about.

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters

This is absolutely my number one pick of the season. How could it not be when Revlon has achieved what I thought impossible—a triple threat lipstick, balm AND gloss combo. There are 20 shades to choose from, all quite sheer and extremely hydrating. Two of my faves are Creamsicle, a barely-there peachy neutral, and Sweet Tart, a punchy sheer hot pink.

BUY NOW: $8.99 from Well.ca. (Free shipping in Canada with no minimum order.)

L'Oréal Paris Colour Riche Balms

Here's another tinted balm option, this time with SPF 15—which makes it a fab choice as we move into the warmer weather. Compared to the Revlon ones, there's a smaller shade selection (just eight) and the pigments aren't quite as intense. But I found these equally hydrating and buttery. Yay!

BUY NOW: $8.99 from Well.ca. (Free shipping in Canada with no minimum order.)

Lancôme Rouge in Love Lipsticks

The newest lip launch from our friends at Lancôme features 24 shades, divided into three categories according to both the time of day and mood you're supposed to be in to wear them. The above group are the sheers, for day. Below, we have the "Boudoir Time" category (whatever that means), which features a bit more pigment and experimental colours:

And finally, for evening, more intense, opaque hues:

At the launch event we had these applied on our lips and I chose Rose Boudoir—third from the right in the second group. It's a really gorgeous coral-pink and felt great on.

Kate Moss Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipsticks

It's hard to believe Kate Moss has been the face of Rimmel London for a decade! To celebrate, the brand has come out with a collection of 15 lipsticks. This is going to sound weird, but the thing I love most about them is the smell. I can't even describe it, so just trust. The shades are gorge too—I'd love to get my hands on the classic red that Kate is wearing in the ads, but I somehow ended up with two of #07... not that that's a bad thing, because it's, like, the perfect non-corpse-like nude.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stains

I know I keep mentioning these, so I'll keep it short this time. Stain and gloss. Together. Amazing applicator. Amazing scent. Nineteen shades. You be very happy.

Chanel Knightsbridge Collection Rouge Allure Lipsticks

I already told you about the powder from this limited-edition range, but what I didn't mention yet is how I might love the lipstick even more. There are three, and it's the coral one, Hyde Park, that was the big hit at the launch. Media members got to have their makeup done by the Chanel artists and I swear we ended up looking like fembots because we ALL picked this colour. On the plus side, that's not likely to happen to you—and it's such a cheerful shade that I don't think you could be in a bad mood wearing it.

Clinique Almost Lipsticks

Almost Lipstick has been around since 1989, so I guess it's the one exception to what I remember of lip prodz from the '00s. (They describe it as being in between a lipstick and a gloss, so there's another type of hybrid for you.) What's new this spring is that the range is getting seven new shades. I'm loving the look of Flirty Honey on the far right... but I didn't receive samples, so can't report first hand. Anyone tried one of the new colours yet?

CoverGirl Blast Flipsticks

So you know how the other day I made note of the Ombré lip for fall '12 at Nina Ricci? That's where it's two-toned, with a colour that's either lighter or darker in the centre. It's already happening for spring '12 too (see Prabal Gurung), and now there's a product that makes it easy to get the look, if you so desire. These puppies are double-ended, with one side an intense creamy colour and the other more light and shimmery. So you can play around with them together or wear either side alone. I test-drove my sample of the purple one called Flashy, and it was a little out of my comfort zone... but I like the look of Stunner (bright pink and gold), which is also Pat McGrath's favourite.

BUY NOW: $9.99 from Well.ca. (Free shipping in Canada with no minimum order.)

What do you guys think?

Do you remember the sad days of the '00s when we got no lip love?

Have you tried any of these new products yet?

What lip colours are you feeling for spring '12?

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