Katy Perry Dyed Her Hair Purple and Anne Hathaway Got a Short Haircut

Plus Gwyneth Paltrow's gone Ombré.

Wowza! Have you noticed how many celebs have changed up their hair lately? Mostly colour, but also—in the case of Anne Hathaway—cut. (But maybe that one doesn't count as much, since it's for her role in Les Misérables. Can't wait!)

Olivia Wilde switched up her colour for a role too—she's now a blonde. But the rest of these celebrity hair chamelons? Well, I think we can all conclude that Katy Perry's ever-changing hues are most likely a quest to stay relevant. (Although she got extensions too, and I reluctantly approve.) I kinda feel a little weird about Gwyneth Paltrow's colour as well, since she just hopped on to the Ombré train... but a few years too late. Then there is my girl Emma Stone, who recently re-blondified. She looks good no matter what, so I can't complain.

Come take a look, and then let me know what YOU think.

Katy Perry before

Here's her (frankly unflattering) blue bob earlier this month in India:

Katy Perry after

Now she's sporting both purple dye and hair extensions:

I like the length so much better, and for the colour I do think that the closer she gets to her previous black, the better. This shade looks different depending on how much light hits it—the pic at the top is more subtle, whereas this one with the camera flash makes the purple really pop. (Guess which one I prefer?)

Olivia Wilde before

Did you know Olivia was on The O.C.? She was blonde then, and colouring her hair darker was what really helped her switch into "serious actress" mode. Here she is earlier this year:

Olivia Wilde after

And now she's blonde again:

Girl is so gorgeous that either hue works, but I think her eyes and skin stand out so much more when she's brunette. Let's hope she goes back!

Anne Hathaway before

This pic is from the fall. Witness one of the best manes of hair in the biz:

Anne Hathaway after

And now... sad face. Surely you've seen her short crop by now?

So admittedly, it's hard to tell how good this cut is for her, since she's not all red carpet style in this pap shot. But I'm not going to lie—if I had her insanely thick, shiny, long, voluminous hair I would NEVAH, EVAH chop it. What's wrong with wigs?

Gwyneth Paltrow before

Remember this pic from when she was hanging all casual with Cameron? It's the long, straight, slightly-stringy blonde that we've come to know (but maybe not love) for Gwyneth:

Gwyneth Paltrow after

Same length and style... but with Ombré tips!

I don't know about this one. It just doesn't seem to suit Gwyneth's regal aura—like, she's kind of above these sorts of trends, don't you think? Plus I feel like the colour on the ends is making them appear even MORE stringy than usual.

Emma Stone before

Here's the red from earlier this year. (By the way, I'm not sure how I missed this eyeshadow tragedy! Emma, please keep the red hues to your HAIR, not your face.)

Emma Stone after

And here she is last month debuting a strawberry blonde:

I like this colour better than when she was platinum blonde last year. But she's still my very favourite redhead, even if it's from a bottle.

Now, over to you guys:

Which one of these celebrity hair transformations is your favourite?

Which one do you wish never happened at all?

Are you thinking of making any dramatic hair changes for spring?

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