The Best Beauty Inspiration at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival

Diane Kruger, Freida Pinto and more.

Wouldn't it be great to be in Cannes right now? I could totes squeeze in some yacht time in between red carpet galas and photo shoots. This is what celebs like Diane Kruger, Naomi Watts and Salma Hayek are doing this week. (Well, arguably Salma does this kind of thing every week. You know she's married to a bajillionaire, right?)

Anyway, it's film fest time, obvi. And I would be amiss if I didn't bring Diane, along with eight other celebs, to your attention. So let's get all judgey over the pics ('cause we're not there) and decide who deserves a Palme d'Or for beauty... and who doesn't.

Diane Kruger

Not sure if it's real or extensions, but ever since the Met Ball I've been pleasantly surprised by Diane's new longer hair. Here she is looking very model-esque at the photocall for the jury (which she's part of this year).

I want MY hair to do that.

The next pic is more classic Diane, with her hair scraped back and with a touch of that cute fuzzy halo trick to soften it. But... OMG...

What is happening in the chest area?! I had no idea. (That looks almost painful.)

This look from the Amour premiere is a little more elegant... and as a big half-up, half-down person I LOVE the hair:

And then maybe my favourite look of all is this one from the Haiti carnival in Cannes. And not just because we needed a gratuitous Pacey shot. Diane is, like, unfairly pretty.

I say unfair because behind the scenes, she does this...

Is Pacey okay with dating a smoker? I wouldn't have thought so. Hey Pacey, I don't smoke! I'm available! Call me!

Freida Pinto

Another unfairly gorgeous celeb that we don't see a lot of is Miss Freida (whose name I can never get right, since it defies that whole "i before e" rule). Here she is at the Cannes opening night dinner:

How amazing is that fuchsia lipstick? I was in New York last week with a bunch of beauty eds, and I was seriously the only one out of our group who WASN'T wearing this colour. So I think this is a sign—the universe is telling me to embrace hot pink this month.

Freida went for a nude lip with the same hairstyle at the Moonrise Kingdom premiere:

She's so cute; I would love to see more of her.

Eva Longoria

I was kinda surprised that Eva was in Cannes, but maybe now that Desperate Housewives is over she's got a lot more free time. Here she is on some yacht:

Gurl!! You need to re-think that eyeshadow at the inner corners. And, maybe ease up on the makeup in general.

This peachy look, from the opening night dinner, is much better (although still heavy-handed):

One thing I do admire here is how much her eyes pop. I really wish I could get away with that much eye makeup... but on me it just turns into Toddlers & Tiaras.

Jessica Chastain

Remember Jessica from the Oscars? Because I've developed a serious red hair fixation I'm happy to see more of her, and I think she looks fan-freakin'-tastic here, at the premiere of Lawless:

Love, love, love that pink lip with the contrast of her orangey hair. And the light makeup in general.

Did you hear me Jessica? LIGHT makeup. This next pic illustrates why some looks are not for you.

It's too much, right? Some women can handle the whole retro shebang... but some (like Jessica, and me!) require a lighter touch.

My final shot of Jess is from Calvin Klein's Cannes event:

Now, it might just be the lighting, but... help! Too much orange! At least she could have chosen a different colour dress.

Marion Cotillard

I loooove Marion's face. It's so Gallic! A bit like the model Laetitia Casta, who I once met in person when she did press for Ralph Lauren's Notorious fragrance. Anyway, her and Marion kind of have a similar look...

And I'm a big, big fan of how Marion styled herself here. Adorable side pony? Check. Well-groomed brows? Check. Barely-detectable makeup? Check. It's all perfect.

Naomi Watts

Speaking of low-key beauty looks, Naomi also got the memo. Here she is at the Calvin Klein party:

She's looking good, right? I really appreciate how she hasn't Botoxed the shiz out of her crow's feet.

Salma Hayek

Salma, on the other hand, is of the "go big or go home" school. I don't know about this...

There's just something not very modern about that dark grey-brown eye with the glossy orange-red lip. Even though the idea of emphasizing eyes AND lips is totally okay now. (In New York last week, I got to see the new Estée Lauder makeup collection for fall, and it's all about this eye plus lip thing. But unlike how Salma did it, the EL look is about gorgeous, vibrant purples and magentas. In those colours it just feels a lot more current.)

Lara Stone

Is it just me or is Lara looking a little less than fresh-faced here?

I mean, she IS a model. Maybe it's all the late nights at Cannes. Anyway, I do love her eye makeup with the bare lip... it's that imperfect, not-trying-too-hard brand of beauty that models do so well when they're off-duty.

Tilda Swinton

And last but not least, here's Tilda Swinton doing her Tilda Swinton thing:

She really does have great skin. And knows that a bright lip looks best with not a lot of other makeup. I do wish I could see her with mascara though.

Anyway, let's chat!

Which of these Cannes looks deserves an award?

Which ones leave room for improvement?

Do you share my not-so-secret crush on Pacey a.k.a Joshua Jackson?

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