Nicole Richie is the Latest Celeb to Try Dip-Dyed Pink Hair

What do you think of her new look?
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So this candy-coloured hair trend's got legs! (At least in celebrity circles—I've yet to see anyone in real life embracing it.) But maybe more peeps will get on board now that Nicole Richie's gone over to the, er, pink side. This week she posted this pic on her blog with the caption "tickled pink"...

Love it? Hate it? Here's a better look (although I don't think it's this fadey in real life—that's probably the camera flash blowing it out):

Apparently it happened in Sydney, Australia—where Nic's with her hubby Joel, who is a judge on The Voice—at a salon called Valonz. (OMG! I totally used to go there when I lived in Sydney!) Brave move, Nicole. BRAVE MOVE.

Here's what she looked like just a week or so prior:


Are you into this candy-coloured hair thing?

Do you like it on Nicole or prefer her as a blonde?

Would you ever try this trend yourself?

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