5 of the Best Makeup Products for Summer 2012

Use these and you'll instantly feel like a seksi, bronzey summer goddess—I promise!
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So I bought this super hot dress. (This is why I work out with Trainer George.) It's actually on sale now at French Connection. Go! Buy it now! I don't mind if you copy me.

Anyway, you know how you try your purchases on when you get home—to see what shoes and handbag will go with, etc.? Well, I also do a dry-run with makeup too. (I know, I AM a bit much.) But I was trying to see if it would work with A Lip—because I don't think I've worn lipstick in probably six months—and then I fell into a rabbit hole of summer beauty product testing.

Which leads me to this post. I've got five new prodz to inform you about!

No matter what you're wearing in terms of clothes, I promise you'll want to wear these on your face. (And toes.) SRSLY, these are all sooo good. And summery. Ready?

1. Amazing liquid blush

This is the lim-ed Guerlain Terracotta Blush Sun Shimmer Highlighter:

Not sure what's up with the name, but it's basically a sheer, highly blendable liquid blush. Comes in two shades; I just have the pink. And hot damn, it's amazing. May have bumped my Shu Uemura Dome Blusher aside, for now. Guerlain used to have a very similar product a few years ago but it annoyed me greatly because it dispensed waaay too much product, and the colour was extremely bright. (Read: Clown Face.) This one is much improved. Trust. I love it so much, I want to marry it.

2. The matte bronzer of my dreams

I think you all know by now (I hope!) just how I feel about shimmer in my bronzer. It's a big fat NON. Nothing disappoints me more than swirling my brush into a palette, dusting it across my forehead and then realizing I look like a disco ball. I'll just borrow the industry fragrance term for those and call them "scrubbers." As in, you have to scrub off tout de suite.

Thankfully, that's not the case with Lancôme Star Bronzer Natural Matte Long-Lasting Bronzing Powder:

Did you hear that? Natural MATTE. Hallelujah, someone out there's listening to me! I'm actually not a huge bronzer person except for eliminating my reverse Eagle—on my neck. (As a makeup artist kindly informed me last week, thanks to all my freckles that are emerging by the day... my face is now darker than my neck, which never sees sunlight thanks to my hair.) So this guy is perfect for matching things up. Note: it's pretty light in colour, so works well for pasties like me, but may be too light depending on your skin tone. Try before you buy.

3. A creamy highlighter to play up those cheekbones

Not many peeps bother with highlighters, do they? Tell me if I'm wrong here, but it's a step I usually forget. But goodness, it's pretty when one remembers—especially for evening!

Benefit Sun Beam Golden Bronze Complexion Highlighter is a keeper:

I love this cream format, which you paint on with a tiny brush (bonus: it feels nice and cold when you put it on too). Anyway, this allows you more precision with the placement, which should be sparing—just on the cheekbones, really, as you don't want to look overdone. (And highlighting under the brows is a bit '90s.)

4. Universally flattering matte "melon" lipstick

Okay, so this is the centre of the entire look. Please run out and buy the Joe Fresh Matte Lipstick in Melon:

You will die. It's not quite pink and it's not quite orange, but it IS very bright. And matte. Just blot if you're a little wary... but with the bronzer and blush, it's gonna look incredible. Listen to me: for $6, it will bring you much happiness. (Also worth noting—if you wear this lipstick, lay off the eye makeup except for mascara. A bare eye is essential to pull this off properly.)

5. Summery nail polish

So this isn't quite an exact match with the lipstick (and neither are an exact match with my dress), but what of it? In this case I prefer NOT to match.

Let me introduce you to Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Holiday:

Bright, unapologetic orange. And the name is rather appropriate, yes?

And now you are officially ready for summer. You're welcome.

Tell me:

Do you like the combo of bronzey skin, blush and bright lipstick?

Have you tried any of these prodz yet?

What makes YOU feel instantly summer-sexy?

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