How To Get Kate Middleton's Hair

These tips are straight from her hairstylist!

My fave celebrity tabloid, Us Weekly, reported this week that K-Midd gets her hair blown out three times a week. (Must be nice! At $75 per visit, that's $900 per month.) But she's still got the common touch, because she visits the same salon that she's gone to for a decade: Richard Ward Hair and Metrospa in Chelsea. And she goes there—they don't even come to the palace.

Anyway, guess what? I interviewed Mr. Ward himself for a story I wrote for ELLE Canada last year:

On the subject of Kate's hairstyle, he said: "[It's] natural, achievable and looks so healthy and glossy. It’s become an iconic style which is easily accessible for everyone.”

Did you say accessible, Richard? Why, yes. “A good blow-dry is all in the preparation and tools. If you prepare the hair and make sure that the foundation is correct, then there is no reason why anyone can’t give themselves a great blow-dry at home.”

Hooray! Here are his tips on what you need to do...

The tools you need:

“I always advise clients to invest in a salon professional dryer with an AC motor like the Parlux 3800 watt dryer. A good set of heated or Velcro rollers, a round bristle brush, and a volumizing product are also kit-bag essentials.”

The how-to:

1. Start by thoroughly cleansing and conditioning your hair with the right products for your hair type. After rinsing your hair, towel dry it so it’s 80 percent dry.

2. Next, apply ONE light styling product—whatever suits your hair type. Never apply more than one, so address your main concern and apply it in the right place. Root-boosting products need to be evenly spritzed on the first 2" of roots only, whereas serum or mousse should be evenly distributed through mid-lengths and ends.

3. Next, use a good quality hair dryer and a pure bristle radial brush, and start blow-drying at the back of your head. Part the hair vertically down from the crown to the nape, and work in small sections as wide as the brush you are using. Remember to treat the fringe area as a section on its own. Hold the dryer in the direction of the brush and at least 5" away from the hair. Remember to keep the brush in sync with the dryer and smooth downward to get a straight result.

4. Curl sections up onto the brush and hold the dryer underneath section to create a beautifully formed curl. Once the section is finished it should feel springy, shiny and cool. If it doesn't repeat until it does. The test is it should fall off the brush easily.

5. Apply ONE finishing product only and be sparing. You don’t need to overload the hair if you’ve blow-dried it correctly. Then spritz with a hairspray for hold.

More tips!

If you're straightening your hair... use a large barrel brush as they are great at creating good tension.

If you’re curling your hair... go for a smaller barrel brush. (If you find that after your blow-dry it’s too curly, you can always brush some of the curls out.)

If you’ve got fine hair which tends to fall out... opt for a small barrel brush as this will make the hair curl more.

To make your blowout last... shampoo your hair twice. The cleaner your hair, the longer your style will hold.

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