12 Hair and Makeup Ideas to Steal From Emma Stone

How amazing does she look on this 'Amazing Spider-Man' tour?

Okay, I know not all y'all share my girl crush on Emma Stone. I've heard more than a few people say they are bothered by her mouth. And her voice.

I say whatever—if you're AT ALL interested in beauty, you need to pay attention to what she's been putting forth. In case you haven't heard, she's been jet-setting around the world to do press for The Amazing Spider-Man (it's in theatres July 3rd, BTW). I don't have any real desire to see it—I'm just happy to sit back and look at all the hair and makeup looks she's been showing off at the various premieres and press conferences. (That's my entertainment. Truly.)

It just comes down to this: Emma is by far the most creative celeb in Hollywood right now when in terms of pushing the beauty boundaries (but still looking tasteful and chic). So let's flick through the pics and see what we can learn from her...

Smoky eyes and straight hair at the London premiere

I really am coming around on the blonde hair. Especially in this style—how come when I had side-bangs, my hair would never sit perfectly sleek like this? Also loving the smoky eye with the bare lip. And she's doing a Coco Rocha thing with her tongue!

Gothic drama at the Paris premiere

Can you believe this is Emma? It's a total departure from her usual look, and I APPROVE. For us civilians, the combo of the hair plus the lip plus the eyeshadow is probably too much (unless you're going to a black tie or something like that), but I think you could take two out of the three and pull this off in real life no problem. PS: Are you seeing how that dark lip that was big at the Met Ball is really going to be a thing? Yep.

Curled-under ends and a caramel lip at the Berlin press conference

So here's something that looks extremely put-together and polished, yet isn't at all that hard to DIY at home. When my hair was shorter I used to do this all the time; mainly because I'm not that handy with a curling iron! You just blow-dry as normal, and then take your curler and wrap the ends under. (You could get the same effect with a small-ish round brush too, but I find the curling iron easier.) Notice too the slightly brownish lip—another emerging trend.

Coral lips and a side bun-thing at the Berlin premiere

A coral lip is really my favourite kind of lip. And with this hair (I think it's a side bun), the effect is sorta 1940s. Look closely though, and you'll see a 2012 twist on the eyes: shimmery green liner. Oh I love you, Emma.

Flicky eyeliner with a high pony at the Tokyo press conference

Here's one for when you just want to look cute. Don't be shy with the liquid liner and really flick it out at the ends for a super-'60s effect. Pair with this voluminous, teased pony placed high at the crown.

Lavender shadow and twisty hair at the Tokyo premiere

Well, this is certainly A Lot Of Eyeshadow. It's very runway—for real life I would either tone down the colour and go more sheer, or only apply it up to the crease. (Although like I've been saying for over a year now, the eyeshadow-up-to-the-brows thing is where it's at these days.) With her hair off the face, it definitely adds a focal point to the face. Check out the sides of her hair, BTW... it's got a super-cute twisty-roll action that pulls into the bun at the back.

Pink eyeshadow and tousled hair at the Moscow press conference

Okay, I'm not too enamoured with this choice of eyeshadow, but you know what? It kind of works with that lip because it's all in the same harmonious colour family. And on the subject of hair, I have no idea what was done here, but I'm guessing you could get that texture with a few spritzes of texturizing spray and some dry shampoo. Easy breezy when you've gotta do something but have no time.

Pink shadow and a gold headband at the Moscow premiere

Here we go with that eyeshadow again. Let's just ignore. Moving on—do you ever wear hair accessories? Like, aside from elastic bands I mean. I don't, and this pic makes me wonder why not. How much fun is this gold headband thingie?

Bare-faced beauty at the NYC press conference

She looks about 12 here, and it's a nice palette cleanse from all the other heavily made-up looks, yes? Same hair as in London, but with a much more low-key face. That lip colour is to die for.

Fuchsia lips and a bouncy, high bun at the Seoul premiere

Excuse the bad photo quality, but I had to show you this... there HAD to be a fuchsia lip in here somewhere! It definitely takes this hairdo out of prom land and into something much more sophisticated (yet still playful).

40s hair (with visible bobby pins!) at the Madrid press conference

You don't have to hide your bobby pins, you know. These ones—in white—are made to be seen, and I love that whoever did her hair made a statement by stacking three across and then adding the fourth on the diagonal. With the sweet dress and pinky lip, it makes for a very retro, feminine look.

And finally, my FAVE...

Bold red lips and and screen siren hair at the Madrid press conference

As someone who feels perpetually NOT put-together, this photo mesmerizes me. I too would like to have hair so perfectly waved, lips so precisely painted, eyes so expertly shadowed. The only nit-pick? Perhaps the brows were overly plucked. But otherwise, this is beauty perfection, n'est-ce pas?

Tell me:

Are you an Emma Stone fan or do you wish I'd shut up about her?

Which one of these Spider-Man looks do you love?

Anything here that inspires you for your own real-life beauty routine?

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