The 4 Best Celebrity Beauty Looks From Paris Couture Week

Steal these hair and makeup ideas from the front-row celebs.

I SO wish I was in Paris right now. The very best time I've ever had there (not that I've been so many times or anything) was exactly this time of year. The weather was perfect, and more importantly in my book, it just so happened that all the boutiques had their summer sales on. Oh yes: if you don't know about the twice-a-year sales in France, then you MUST plan your next European vacay around 'em. I'm talking Prada and Miu Miu shoes for the price of Nine West. It was almost ridiculous.

Another important thing that happens around this time each year in Paris are the haute couture shows. I'll never score an invite; I know my place (and it's at the Galeries Lafayette). But no matter! I've got photos from the front row anyway. And holy hairdryers, these celebs look freaking amazing. Come take a look and get inspired...

Diane Kruger at Chanel

A side pony AND a beret! Can you even stand it? I totally want to do this (although I'll save the hat 'til September; it's too hot right now). Anyway, together they do all the beauty work for you in terms of making a statement. And you don't even have to wash your hair! All you need is a slick of red lipstick, rosy blush and maybe some taupe shadow like Diane has here. P.S. I'm not understanding why she's only wearing one earring—deliberate or did she lose the other one?

Milla Jovovich at Chanel

Also at Chanel was Milla... and is it just me or is she looking the best she ever has lately? This darker hair colour is better on her than the lighter, coppery shade she was wearing a while back—it brings out her eyes and seems more flattering on her skin tone. But what I love here most of all (obvs) is the bright fuchsia lip. Doesn't it make you want to wear that colour right this second? It's making me go to my happy place.

Christina Hendricks at Versace

Have I talked about how I'm sort of anti-self-tanner these days? My one (and probably only) application of the season a couple weeks ago was just way too dark for my liking... and so I think I'm just going to embrace the pale and go full Nicole Kidman. Or Christina Hendricks. Same thing, really. I'm not sure I'll look this exquisitely peaches 'n cream, but here's hoping. What's lovely about this look, besides her complexion, is how her blush and lip shades harmonize so well with her skin and hair, yet don't shout "look at me!" or anything like that. Also check out her eyes—fabulous job on the delicate tight-lining in the waterlines.

Jessica Alba at Versace

Is it getting hot in here? Oh wait—it's The Alba. I'm not sure about the appropriateness of strapless and leather during daylight hours, but whatevs... she looks sooper seksi. The makeup is, I think, one of the best examples of how a classic smoky eye should look in 2012. All soft and smudgy but not too heavy on the lashes and paired with a MATTE, nude lip. As for the hair, I'm on the fence with the colour... and the curls could benefit from some brushing out. But that's nit-picking, really.

Tell me:

Which of these couture-week looks are you loving?

Which one(s) might you try for real life?

Have you ever been to France for the July sales—and if so, what didja buy??

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