The Solevation Shower Mat Will Buff Away Dry Skin On Your Feet

Gross, dry, callused feet? You need this. (Trust me!)

I have, like, the opposite of a foot fetish. I think feet are so grody. Or maybe I've just seen way too many people this summer with offenses like too-long toenails, dirty soles, cracked heels, French pedicures (my fave!), hairy toes and even ankle bracelets. It's a world of no. Seriously, who are these men that like to lick women's feet?

Anyway, I'm just going to address one of those issues today (because honestly? If you like long, French pedicured toenails, then you're probably not reading this blog in the first place). So let's talk about the dry foot-skin issue. I suffer from this TERRIBLY—espesh since I started my Trainer George workout program where he has me running five days a week. I've always had regular monthly pedicures, but even still, all that friction gives me crazy callus build-up and dryness.

And then I found Solevation:

OMG it's life-changing.

I know that sounds over-the-top, but c'est vrai. It's basically a shower mat that sticks to the bottom of your tub—but instead of being plastic and slimy, it's covered with the same gritty surface that you find on those foot-scrubbing instruments. (The other side is loofah, so a bit wimpier.)

So all you do is jump in the shower and while you're washing your hair or whatever, do a little dance on this mat to exfoliate your feet and toes, and it magically makes them clean, smooth and shiny. Genius, right? Because I know I'm supposed to use the foot wand thingies but I always forget that extra step. Frankly, this is easier, more convenient and more effective—I was amazed at how gorge my feet looked after just one use.

To say I recommend it is the understatement of the year. Seriously, go buy it now (there's a list of retail locations at

Post-scrubbing sesh, you should probably also apply a foot cream and/or oil to keep dryness at bay. Why oil? Apparently it's a lot better for tough calluses than plain old lotion. A really smart top esthetician told me this and from personal experience I've learned it's true.

This is why, instead of regular foot creams, I'm a big fan of the greasy Med Salve for Cracked Skin from German brand Gehwol:

The texture reminds me of Elizabeth Arden's Eight-Hour Cream.

Or you could just apply a cuticle oil not just to your cuticles but your soles and toes as well. I keep OPI Avoplex by my bedside for hands AND feet:

And then, because your feet will be pretty slippery (I don't recommend these oily things for daytime), you'll want to don a pair of socks. If you haven't discovered AirPlus for Her spa socks yet, know that you're missing out.

These are like putting your feet into a cloud. Infused with aloe, too! Buy them here from for $6.85 (free shipping with no minimum order in Canada!).

Tell me:

What do you do and use to keep your feet clean and tidy?

Have you tried any of these prodz yet?

What's the worst foot offense you've seen lately? Maybe we should talk about people who think it's okay to cut their toenails on the subway (shudder)...

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