Holland Roden is the Celebrity I Will Now Be Beauty-Channelling

Are you as inspired as I am by her beauty looks?

It's official. My Amy Adams obsession (formerly an Emma Stone obsession) is morphing into a Holland Roden obsession.

Who is Holland Roden, you ask? Well, apparently she stars in MTV's Teen Wolf (which I still haven't seen but hear is really good). I just happened to come across her photo and then fell down a rabbit hole of celebrity beauty research. (Full disclosure: I obviously have a vested interest in finding strawberry blonde beauty idols that I can emulate. It's hard work—they are few and far between!)

But hair colour aside, I still think Holland is blog-worthy, since her beauty choices are impressive indeed. Also? It's the B- and C-list celebs who are often the most exciting to watch. Just look at Amber Heard. We were talking about her waaaay back when, and now she's all famous because she's dating Johnny Depp. Refining your beauty choices pays off! (**Although just how it pays off depends on your goals. Feel free not to date married men. I'm siding with Vanessa Paradis on that one...)

Anyway, let's dive in to a little Holland retrospective and see if you agree that she's one to watch!

At Comic-Con in 2011

So first things first. Clearly, the uber-long reddish hair is her signature. I suspect this wavy style is close to her natural texture, and it looks great with this boho sort of outfit. But the eyes! A little matchy-matchy but I still love. I'm far too timid with my bright eye makeup, so this is inspiring. I love that it's on both the upper and lower lash lines, and softly diffused at the outer edges. The peachy-pink lip is the perfect pairing.

At the MTV Music Video Awards in 2011

Oh Em Gee. (I'm just gonna ignore that her boobs are not fitting into the cups of that bustier.) Really, who cares when there is all that HAIR? This goes back to what I always say about Victoria's Secret model-style beauty. Those girls always pair seksi, seksi outfits with kinda casual, girl-next-door hair and makeup. That's what Holland is doing here, although she dialled things way up with the intense, almost-matte red lips. Words cannot express how much I want to copy this.

At the Spike TV Scream Awards in 2011

And here's a variation on the red lippie—a super-sweet and feminine look that plays off her lace top (dress?). You would think that dramatic flower on the hairband would look dorky, but it somehow doesn't. I still don't know if I could do it, but I think for Holland it works because she has oodles and oodles of thick, wavy hair. Plus, the addition of the red lipstick takes it out of cutesy territory and into something more modern.

At the TV Guide Hot List party in 2011

Now for a straight-hair look. (Please, God, let my hair grow this long FAST!) It looks more red here—dare I say freshly dyed? I say that because of how bright it is on the baby hairs around her forehead... but it could be the lighting. Anyway, what I like about this one is how well the makeup compliments it. The orangey lippie and blush are fab—the latter could perhaps just be a bit better blended. Have you also noticed the blush placement? That's something you can play around with depending on the look you're after. (Sometimes I just put it closer to the edges of my face, like Holland has here... or I "lift" the face by sweeping up to my temples... or other times I carry it right over the bridge of my nose for a more sun-kissed effect. Your choice!)

At the Teen Choice Awards in 2011

Is anything better than the combo of a green dress with red hair? Again, we've got the red lippie (seems to be a Holland personal fave) and that long, loose, not-too-curly, not-too-straight hair texture. What's different about this look is that she's not wearing blush—all the better to show off her porcelain, freckle-free complexion. (Will Holland be the one to get me out of my blush addiction? IT COULD HAPPEN.) Sadly, my freckle situation is pretty dire, so this reminds me that I need to get on with IPL treatments ASAP... or finally succumb to a round of bleaching 'em with this. (I KNOW I said hydroquinone is bad... but sometimes you've gotta do what you've gotta do.)

At the Night of Generosity Gala in May

Here's a way different, and way more casual look. Still think red-lip Holland is my favourite Holland, but this is also nice. Well-executed brown smokies with low-key peach-pink on the lips and cheeks.

At the Teen Wolf Season Two premiere in May

I love a good half-up, half-down hairstyle (no matter whether it's technically "in style" or not), and the only thing that possibly bothers me about this one is the bump at the crown. Bit too overdone, but she's learning. Baby steps. I'm also a fan, of course, of the matte coral-pink lip—exciting! Pro tip: Shiseido makes the best ever matte lipstick in a shade that is very close to this colour. Let's all start wearing more of this instead of the usual red or fuschia, 'kay?

At Entertainment Weekly's Comic-Con party last week

There is a borderline duckface situation going on here, but I'm going to take the high road and overlook it. (Holland? Please don't do that. And if you're getting lip injections, for the love of God STOP.) Moving on—let's focus on another great lip choice, super-bright coral! Also: long lashes (my fave) and a loose, '60s-ish updo.

And now let's talk:

What do you think about Holland?

Which of these looks is your fave? Your least fave?

Who are YOU channelling for your beauty inspiration these days?

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