6 of the Best New Makeup Products of 2012

I'm, like, OMG-obsessed with these right now.
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Obsessed, I tell you! Even though obsessed is pretty much the most over-used word in the history of beauty blogging. (But hey—at least I refrain from terms like "amazeballs" now. Cringe.) Anyway, did you hear the Valley Girl in my headline? That's how much I like these sweet prodz.

There are six of them. There would be seven except there's a foundation that I don't think I'm allowed to tell you about yet. (Let's just say that it is the foundation to end all foundations, and I think I might be happy using it for the rest of eternity. BB Creams? Please.)

But... until I can share that with y'all, let's talk about these. They're mighty fine too!

Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss

Okay, so you know I like my gloss-balms. They're basically lip glosses that feel like lip balms, so they're moisturizing instead of sticky and give you a hint of colour and shine.

I've actually had the ones from Urban Decay (called Lip Love) in my bag for I don't know how long—a year almost? In fact, the tubes are almost empty, so surely that puts them into the beauty hall of fame. But... BUT... this is big. The Benefit ones have just replaced them. And I always used to hate Benefit's lip glosses. These ones are so good though. Finally they got the texture right, and in my two favourite shades (Bella Balm, the red, and Coralista, the coral) you actually get a bit more colour pay-off than I was used to with Urban Decay.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Genius Clear Waterproof Topcoat

Every once in a while someone comes out with a beauty product and I'm all, why didn't *I* think of that?! Such is the case with Lash Genius, which is, well, genius. Why? Because these days all of us are so attached to our specific mascara formulas (or multiple formulas). That's why it's always a downer when a situation calls for a waterproof version—because for the most part, they may repel water but don't give you the same lash look you're used to.

Now you don't have to give that up though, because this little guy paints over any mascara formula to make it waterproof. How awesome is that?! It's completely clear and I've been using it over YSL Shocking Mascara, which I love but has to be the most clump-inducing formula of all time. Well, the Lash Genius worked. It didn't even budge and I've been sweating my way around all summer. The only catch is that you need a really good makeup remover to get this stuff off. But it's totes worth it. Run to Sephora, stat!

Clarins 3-Dot Liner

Look closely at the top of this liner. It's got a three-pronged tip. And I know what you're thinking... WUT? Well, let me explain. The tip is there to press—not drag—and you're meant to put it at the roots of your lashes. The tiny tips allow you to really get in there, leaving you with three dots per press that you can connect up as you move along. Make sense? It does take a little longer to do that versus applying regular eyeliner, but it's so worth it. Suddenly, your lashes look thicker and fuller and your eyes are popping and you're going, DAMN I LOOK GOOD—yet without any obviously detectable eye makeup.

You can use this as a traditional liquid pen-style liner too, if you want to drag it on an angle of one of the tips. I found the staying power quite excellent. Oh, and Too Faced also makes the same exact liner (at Sephora), so take your pick of brand. I believe this Clarins one is limited edition, out this month.

Giorgio Armani Rouge d'Armani Sheers

Seriously, lip products just keep getting better and better. Case in point: this new range of "sheers" from Giorgio Armani. They're like balmy lipsticks. Feel amazing. Look amazing too. Especially if you're one of those people who are anti-lipstick (do you guys still exist?). If so, then I really would recommend that you go check these out. I have #500, which is sort of a hot pink but not really (I think it's the 7th one across in the pic above). It just gives your lips this nice, soft, stained yet moisturized finish and doesn't even feel like you've got anything on.

Armani never gets it wrong.

Givenchy Mister Perfect

You may have seen this one mentioned in a few mags last month—it's a makeup mistake-fixer! (Because if you're anything like me, you make a whole lotta of those.) You just swipe it on, like a marker, wherever you've messed up your eye or lip makeup and it magically removes it... even waterproof stuff! No more faffing about with a Q-tip and messy makeup remover.

What I think this will be particularly good for is doing those tricky cat-eye liner jobs where you need to even things up post-application. Or, when you're doing the whole extend-your-eyeshadow right out to the temples thing that we've seen on peeps like Fergie and Dianna Agron. (In fact, I'm pretty sure I've advocated on here that for that look it's best to create a strong line AFTER with makeup remover to get it really sharp. So this thing would be PERFECT.)

It comes with three replacement tips.

Givenchy Mister Eyebrow

And here's one more prod from Givenchy, who let's just say have been kicking beauty butt with their offerings lately. This little guy is an eyebrow-fixing pencil. It's this waxy thing that goes on clear—so it doesn't matter what your hair colour is—and holds your brows in place. The end result is really natural but groomed.

Tell me...

Have you seen or tried any of these guys yet?

Which prodz are YOU obsessing over lately?

What's on your list for fall beauty purchases?

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