Look! Miley Cyrus Chopped Her Hair Short and Dyed it Platinum Blonde

And she had SUCH good hair lately, too.
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It wasn't that long ago—Tuesday, November 23, 2010, to be exact—that I was slamming Miley Cyrus for her too-long, extension'ed out hairstyle. I call it "Hollywood hair." It's easing up now, but for a while there, I was worried about our collective beauty future—because almost every single starlet was sporting that look on the red carpet. It was just so boring and fake-looking... especially when these people have the very best and most creative hairstylists at their disposal.

But my, how things have changed!

Miley is kind of a case study, actually. Looking at her recent hair transformation reassures me that there IS hope—that even the worst celebrity offenders can pull themselves out of a very bad hair rut. Now, in case you haven't heard, she's just gone for the Big Chop—eeks! So let's take a look at how we got here.

The first sign that something was up came earlier this year at the People's Choice Awards:

We had Ombré, we had side-swept waves... whoa, what up Miley? It was a clear signal that good things were about to happen.

Then, not long after, she blew me away with this vintagey 'do at an Oscars viewing party:

Suddenly, Miley mattered. AMIRITE?

The faux bob paired with the faultless makeup—unapologetic red lips, full brows and lush lashes—catapulted her into the young Hollywood club of stars to watch. (You know, like Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde and so on.)

Of course, being the girlfriend of Hunger Games hottie Liam Hemsworth didn't hurt either.

In fact, what is probably my all-time favourite Miley hair moment thusfar came at her man's Hunger Games premiere:

Is this adorbs or what?

I'm eating my words about Ombré, I love it so much. The wavy lob is SUCH a good look—it's young, it's fun, it's utterly on trend. And I'd kill for this makeup. Gimme those brows and smoky eyes and what looks like the most perfect shade of lip gloss ever invented.

But it didn't last long, because at the Australian Film Awards, she showed up like this:

Sleek, straight, all-over honey blonde. I like this too. (And I dig the natural makeup.)

I feel like I also have to mention the dress, because I'm obsessed with it as well:

Have you noticed that she's wearing a lot of black lately—stuff that's kind of sexy and edgy and body-conscious? All I can say is that it's working for her.

And now we arrive at the latest development. Do you know who Chris McMillan is? Well, he's the guy that was responsible for "The Rachel"—that terrible layered haircut that Jennifer Aniston had in the '90s. I guess it wasn't considered terrible (even by me) at the time.

Well, here's the pic Chris posted at the beginning of his sesh with Miss Miley:

And here's the "after":

Talk about dramatic. It's a bright platinum, shaggy, razored crop. Honestly, I didn't know Miley had it in her.

And you know what? I'm not a short hair person—like, AT ALL—but on her I think this is kind of adorable. See?

Oh, and in case you were wondering, by all accounts she is still engaged to Liam... so this ain't no breakup haircut. It's more of an "I'm 19 years old and gorgeous and on the cusp of even more stardom" haircut, dontcha think? Because we all know that for celebrities, Big Cuts are a great way of getting people to talk about you and see you in a brand new light.

Like we're doing right now.

Are you a fan of Miley's new hair?

Or did you prefer one of her earlier hairstyles before she got the chop?

Have you—or would you—ever make such a bold hair move yourself?

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