Kim Kardashian Went Blonde (But She Really Means "Bronde")

What do you think of her new look?
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Can you smell it? It's the eau de desperation to stay relevant. Palpable, I'd say.

So of course, one of the easiest things to do (after you've already exhausted such tried-and-true strategies such as sex tapes and 72-day marriages) is to simply change your hair colour. Kim Kardashian Tweeted the above pic on Friday, and also wrote "blonde hair don't care." Oh come now, Kim, you DO CARE.

Remember the last time she went lighter? This was in 2009:

We can't really tell yet what the 2012 version looks like, but so far it seems better: more tone-on-tone and solid-looking (like I always carry on about). See how streaky the 2009 hair looks? Too many highlights. It is amazing how quickly hair can look dated—this was just a few years ago!

And that brings me to the topic of "bronde." Not blonde, not brown, but something in between. Being so anti-blonde these days, I'm a HUGE advocate. It kinda works on everyone, you know? So many people that are blonde should really be bronde; it's just more flattering.

What do you think of Kim's new colour?

Do you think more people should be bronde instead of blonde?

Have you ever been bronde yourself—or would you consider it?

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