My Little Pony Hair is Here to Stay

For a while longer, at least.

Who could have predicted that this coloured hair thing—and by coloured I mean shades like pink, peach, blue, purple and green—would have legs?

Definitely not me, because when we first started seeing the trend, I thought it would be another short-lived, celebrity-driven fad with a lifespan of maybe three, six months, tops. I mean, were people REALLY going to channel Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry?

Turns out, yes. In lightening speed it went from celebrities to the runway to real life. Even beauty conservatives like Julia Roberts got coloured hair streaks. Julia Roberts!

Now, if New York designers have anything to do with it, the My Little Pony look is going to be around for at least another season (spring/summer 2013). I don't plan on adopting the look anytime soon, but as per usual with all beauty trends, I'm slowly warming to this one.

Here's what's happening at Oscar de la Renta:

It's sort of a "ladies who lunch" look but with a twist. IN the French twists, actually. These updos featured bright neon streaks in pink (above) and blue (below):

Some models also had yellow. I'm still trying to get my hands on a how-to so I can find out what they used... but I'm kinda into this. Are you?

Over at Peter Som, coloured hair streaks were also making a statement. (If you recall his spring '12 show, he was one of the first to showcase the look). This time, he's gone all out with an array of different shades on each model:

Isn't this gorgeous? I mean, it's not a look that most people could wear to work. Or most places. But there is something really breathtaking about all those soft, watercolour shades together.

(They're just temporary extensions, BTW—they didn't actually colour the models' hair.)

Anna Sui, on the other hand, really committed to the look with these big hair pieces in bold, single shades:

The models wore them WITH their own natural hair pulled into ponytails in the back, so the effect was sort of two-toned.

Because I love all things peach and orange right now, I like the peachy pink above... but this blue?

Not so much. And the style looks a little helmut-like.

Now wait. Did I say I liked ALL oranges? I take that back. This is Chloe Nørgaard—otherwise known as the model with the rainbow hair—and she walked the Nicole Miller show looking like this:

I can wrap my head around the pastels and cotton candy shades... but this particular combo is just a bit too "angst-ridden experimental teenager with a few bottles of Manic Panic."

However, the fact that her career is going so well, and that Nicole Miller wanted to make a statement with her in the show, well, that says something.

Theyskens' Theory also had a couple of models dabbling in unusual hair colours. This one is sporting a swamp-like grey-green:

And this one is full-out grey. (Remember the grey hair trend from a couple of years ago?)

So there you have it—you just never know what direction beauty's going to take, see?

To get the look at home, you can try these Kevin Murphy Colour Bugs, which you just paint on and then wash out:

Be careful, though. I've heard that on light hair they have quite a bit of staying power.

You can also use chalk—there's a great tutorial over at The Beauty Department that shows you how.

And if you're up for some extension action, look for SO.CAP Fantasy Colour Hair Extensions. (Donato in Toronto sells them; I was at a press preview last month and got to check them out.) Here's the array of shades:

So tell me:

Do you love or hate this My Little Pony hair colour trend?

Would you (or have you already) tried it yourself?

Which one of these runway looks is your fave?

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