Gucci's Brown Smoky Eyes Will Make You Want To Ditch Your Blacks and Greys

One of the best makeup looks out of Spring 2013 Fashion Week.
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I don't know why, exactly—well, maybe because smoke itself is actually grey—but whenever I hear "smoky eyes" I think grey, black, charcoal. Sooty.

Which is why most of us don't dare attempt them until cocktail hour.

But there's a shift happening here that I need to alert you to, if you're not aware of it already, and that is the colour change going on in smokies. The most modern thing to do right now is not grey or black or even boring old taupe—it's brown or bronze or the steely blue we saw the other day at Giorgio Armani. Or any colour at all, really, as long as it's a colour.

Brown, though, is especially good—so good that Gucci is getting its very own post today. Are you ready to see some of the most exquisite makeup of the spring '13 shows? Get ready for this:

I could stare at that pic all day.

This isn't boundary-pushing makeup (which is nice, for a change). Yes, it's a bit '70s-inspired and evening-ish with those false lashes, but otherwise this could take you anywhere. And so versatile, it works on anyone.

Here's what the eye looks like shut:

It's simple and it's gorgeous. Contrary to what you might think with the eye closed, there's really not a lot of complicated shading going on. I don't yet know what specific prodz were used, but this was a Pat McGrath show so it very well could be CoverGirl. (Let's hope so!)

At any rate, you could use any shimmery, not-too-dark brown shadow to get the look. Just sweep it across the lids to just above the crease, and then smudge a bit of it underneath the lower lash line, being careful to blend, blend, blend all the way.

Then, just line the outer rims with a dark brown pencil and apply a dab of champagne highlighter on the centre of the eyelids and just underneath the brows. You can see the subtle highlighting action here:

For lashes, Pat used two full rows of false lash strips layered on top of each other, and mascara just on the bottom lashes.

But you probably don't want to do that in real life. Instead, I suggest a mega-volumizing mascara like YSL Shocking:

This is an extremely lash-building mascara, but it IS on the clumpy side, so you'll probably want to double up with a lash comb followed by the excellent Anastasia Lash Genius Waterproof Top Coat so that it doesn't smear everywhere.

Or you could go for lash extensions. OMG. I've been a die-hard Latisse user for the past year or so, but I got extensions for a magazine story I was researching last month. (Yep, it was "research." Did I mention I love my job?) Now I FINALLY understand the hype. They are amazing, and now I'm debating whether it's insane or a necessary beauty expense to blow $150 every month on re-application.

(If you're in Toronto, I def recommend Lauren at Good Gosh Beauty—that's where Jasmine got her extensions done too, if you remember when she gave us the 411 on the experience.)

Anyway, after you've done the eyes, all you need with this look is some peachy blush, applied high on the cheeks near the temples, and a creamy beige lip.

This wasn't what they used here, but my favourite nude is a Lancôme one: L'Absolu Nu in #201 - Beige de Soie.

It doesn't give you that corpse-like effect that so many beiges do.

And that's it! Make sure to wear your more dewy foundation for maximum effect.

Now I just have to leave you with one more tribute to the gorgeouness...

Are you ready for a change from the standard grey and black smoky eye?

How do you feel about this shimmery brown one?

What's your go-to for mega-voluminous lashes?

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