Olivia Wilde Has Gone Back to Brunette

Beauty editors are breathing a collective sigh of relief.
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Ever since Olivia Wilde started getting good makeup advice (and not showing up to red carpets with the overdone Barbie look she was sporting pre-2011), she's been one of my main beauty crushes. In fact, I dedicated an entire post to her last August, I was so enamoured.

My beauty stalking continued into 2012, when she chopped her hair into a lob (long bob). But then she had to go blonde—for the film Rush—and I lost the love. Ever since, she's been wearing some sort of hybrid "bronde" colour that's neither here nor there, and it didn't do it for me AT ALL. Here she is at an event in September:

Hard to believe she's actually a natural blonde, isn't it? Because this is just so blah. Her eyes don't sparkle, her skin just looks okay... but you end up thinking, wow, this girl needs more makeup. It's not bad, but it's not that good either.

I totally identify with the problem, too, since it was one of the main reasons I couldn't keep my Ombré. I felt very mousey and dishwater-y.

Now you need to get a load of the glossy chocolate brown that she just went back to. OMGOMGOMG!

Olivia, welcome back to your Life Colour. Please never leave it. Your eyes look more blue, your skin looks more healthy... and most of all your hair looks like it's in WAY better condition. I love how she's wearing it here, too—the soft, large-barrel waves on that mid-length look amazing.

I love it when celebrities give us these before and afters—they're quite educational, no? The lesson learned here is that something as simple as a colour change can make you look totally different. And totally better.

Do you like Olivia's new brunette shade?

Have you ever been a "bronde"—neither blonde nor brunette?

What's YOUR Life Colour? Or do you prefer to always switch things up?

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