Amber Heard is Now a Brunette

And OMG, it's so much better.
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I think drastic hair colour changes have gotta be my favourite part of the celebrity beauty oeuvre. And lately, I'm having quite the love affair with Team Brunette after Olivia Wilde finally went back to the dark side, and now... up-and-comer Amber Heard has just made the move.

Here's what she looked like just months ago at the Met Gala:

There's no arguing that she makes a gorgeous (if not a tad rooty) blonde. With this colour she was kinda doing that whole glam Marilyn Monroe thing like ScarJo used to do, with the retro waved hair, red lips, black lashes and plunging necklines. Who knows? Maybe Johnny (Depp—in case you're out of the loop) liked it.

But that's over now, and so is the hair colour. Apparently she had to go brown for her role in the upcoming film Paraonia with Miley's man Liam Hemsworth. Ready for the big reveal?

Are you blown away?

I am, kind of. The first thing I noticed is that she looks WAY younger—she's 26, but something about the blonde ages her in a way that the brunette doesn't. It also makes her skin glow and her eyes pop! Like, I never really noticed how pretty she is with the lighter hue. Now, she looks more authentic, cooler, more naturally beautiful.

Isn't the power of colour amazing?

Other things we should probably discuss: the incredible matte red mouth; the textured quiff; the perfectly shaped eyebrows; the radiant skin. I want it all. Well played, Amber.

Tell me:

Do you prefer Amber as a blonde or a brunette?

Have you ever made this kind of drastic hair switch yourself?

Do you agree that most people actually look best staying within a few shades of their natural colour?

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