MTV Europe Music Awards 2012: The Must-See Beauty Looks

Rita Ora leads the red lip brigade... and Taylor Swift, why did we ever question you?

CMAs, VMAs, EMAs: I don't blame you if you can't keep track! It was the latter (the MTV Europe Music Awards) that took place on Sunday night in Germany, though... and one thing I DID keep track of was how many red lips were on the red carpet.

Basically, LOTS. And you know what was surprising? Taylor Swift, at least at the start of the night, was not among them. More on that in a sec, but first I want to give Rita Ora a proper BEAUTY EDITOR debut:

Rita Ora - MTV Europe Music Awards 2012

Rita Ora - MTV Europe Music Awards 2012

If you're into the music scene—or if you keep up with the Kardashians!—then you'll already know this 21-year-old British singer. (She also happens to date Rob Kardashian. Gurl, no!) Anyway, red lipstick is kind of her thing, but she usually wears it in a casual, street-style sort of way instead of glammed up like this. (Well, kinda glam. Street-glam?)

Will it surprise you if I say that I love it?

For starters, not too many people could pull off a dress with that sort of neckline and still look cool (instead of like some Ice Queeny Nicole Kidman wearing uncomfortable couture). It absolutely calls for a red lip, but the rooty, faux-bobbed, platinum hair gives it that essential, unconventional twist. Her skin is absolutely flawless, too.

A quick word about those roots: I like 'em. Which is weird, because I usually hate on roots BIG TIME. But just like they worked on Rihannawhen she had that disco-style honey blonde 'do, I think they work on Rita here. The blonde is so obviously fake that some root action makes it look more like a deliberate decision. I know it's warped logic, but somehow I'm rolling with this.

Gwen Stefani was sporting my other favourite pair of red lips:

Gwen Stefani - MTV Europe Music Awards 2012

Gwen Stefani - MTV Europe Music Awards 2012

Doesn't she look amazing? This is what 43 looks like, yo. There's nothing new here to talk about, just signature Gwen goodness. (Oh, and on her, the lack of roots is very much appreciated. Past a certain age, it stops being edgy and just looks unkempt. Gwen, to her credit, has ALWAYS had incredible root maintenance.)

Are you noticing, by the way, the creamy, matte texture of these lips? That's the texture to aim for—not shiny.

Here's another example, on Carly Rae Jepsen:

These ones I'm not so in love with but I think it has more to do with the hair than the actual lips themselves. (Because the deep red colour is great and really makes her blue eyes pop.)

I just wish she'd figure out her hairstyle. I love me some long bangs, but these ones are a fraction TOO long—plus the thickness of them (paired with the dark colour) really hides her pretty face. Also, I like the idea of a fishtail side braid, but somehow with the bangs the whole looks seem heavy. If only her fringe was swept to the side, and some of that hair tucked behind one ear... imagine the possibilities!

Another one I'm on the fence about was Alicia Keys:

Alicia Keys - MTV Europe Music Awards 2012

Alicia Keys - MTV Europe Music Awards 2012

She's quite hit and miss in general, and here I don't really "get" her choice of dress. (Anytime I see sheer panels I think of skating costumes.) I also think pairing red with green can look a bit Christmas-y... but hey, we're almost there so it's not too big of a deal! I will say, though, that I like things a lot above the neck. This sleek, bobbed hairstyle really suits her, and she wears a red lip well. Maybe needs a bit less brown eyeshadow.

And now the time has come to talk about Taylor. My girl Taylor. Remember how, just last week, I said I wanted to look like her? Well, THAT'S changed:

Taylor Swift - MTV Europe Music Awards 2012

Taylor Swift - MTV Europe Music Awards 2012

There's no red lipstick! Is it even the same person?

I feel... bored. Confused. Disappointed. She looks drab!

So be careful for what you wish for, I say. All of this time when we were longing for her to switch things up and ditch the red lipstick, the minute she does it we're underwhelmed. Thankfully, she got the memo and swiped some on mid-show:

Ahhh... that's better, isn't it? I can go back to my happy place now.

Here's a pic of Taylor and Rita doing their red lip thing... with some Kardashian who snuck in there, WUT?!

Dontcha want to reach into your bag and pull out a red lipstick now?

Tell me:

Are you into Rita Ora's red lips 'n root action?

Do you agree that Taylor Swift should never stray from her red lipstick again?

What's your top red lipstick pick? I've been recommending this cherry shade called Flaming Dust by NARS... you should try it!

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