Keira Knightley Has 2 New Looks to Try for Party Season

Red lips and lashes—or pink lips and liner.

Have you been paying attention to Keira Knightley lately? She was off the scene for a while, but with Anna Karenina coming out tomorrow (she plays Anna), girl's been rocking the red carpet like it's nobody's business.

Why it matters to us: because she's taking over where Natalie Portman left off in showing us an elegant, sophisticated breed of beauty that gives a nod to the trends but never looks victim-y. Remember how much we loved Natalie's side bun and fuchsia lips back in 2010? That was like my ultimate party makeup at the time. (Still IS a good option.)

Now, Keira's come forth with two more equally stunning ideas that strike the same kind of note—and would be perfect for any holiday parties coming up. Here's the first one:

Drop dead, right? I know it's simple—just a red lip in the starring role—but let's break down why it's so good.

First of all, this is a way easier way to wear red than, say, the fully saturated, semi-matte Rita Ora or Gwen Stefani versions we were talking about this week. I totally get that those can be scary for some people—even I would never wear them unless I had the appropriate outfit and destination to match! (So you know, rarely.) But these slightly glossed, stained lips, these could go anywhere: day, night, it doesn't matter. Of course, it didn't surprise me when I found out they were Chanel, who always does the most beautiful, subtle colours. Makeup artist Katie Lee first blotted on this raspberry red, Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick in Palpitante:

(So you see, you don't even necessarily need a lip stain to get the effect of a lip stain. Just use lipstick and then blot.) Then, on top went a swipe of Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Rebelle (a sheer poppy) for the glossiness:

Not goopy-glossy... just a hint of shine.

Then we come to the eyes. Or should I say eyeLASHES. Wowza, they're long! (Not falsies, I say. Latisse? Extensions? Or natural? Hmmm....) Anyway, the mega-lash drama is what really elevates the lip colour to evening-level status, but keeps it fresh because it doesn't look heavy or overdone like a smoky eye can. The mascara is two coats of Le Volume de Chanel Mascara in Noir (out later this month), plus Laura Mercier Caviar Eyeliner in Navy and Chanel Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eye Shadow in Lagons to emphasize the lash line.

Gorgeously full brows complete the look—and she doesn't even need more than a whisper of blush.

So that was the New York premiere... now have a peek at what happened in L.A.:

Totally different, slightly trickier, just as beautiful. There's something about a winged liner that makes you look and feel sexier than other kinds of eye makeup, dontcha think? It's not realistic to rock it every day (at least in my world), but it's definitely a good one to bust out when you've got an evening event that requires serious vamping-up.

And paired with the Barbie-pink lipstick? That has a slight iridescence to it? OMG, it's love. (Yep, I think iridescence is no longer tacky. That is, if you know how to wear it the right way, i.e. circa 2012 and not 1982.)

I don't have intel yet on which prodz were used here (since this just went down last night), but what I can do is show you some pics so you can see the eyeliner properly. Here's the closed eye:

And here it is on the side:

So yes, it's a little bit more of a makeup challenge... to get the look, you could use a black waterproof pencil, liquid liner or gel liner and angled brush. No matter which, I highly suggest investing in this guy:

Givenchy Mister Perfect. Remember him? He's a magic marker that instantly erases mistakes you make with your makeup... which is so much easier than trying to manipulate a Q-Tip soaked in remover. And because the tip is quite pointy you can get very precise with your clean-up around the edges of your cat eye.

I'm dying to know what the lipstick is, and as soon as I find out I'll update this post.

Until then... what do YOU think?

Do you like Keira's sophisticated beauty for party makeup inspiration?

Would you wear the red lips 'n lashes look, or are you more down with the cat eye/Barbie pink?

What other party makeup looks are you dying to try this season?

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