Critics' Choice Awards 2013: Pink Makeup Was the Biggest Trend

On lips AND eyes.

After the disappointment of the People's Choice Awards, the Critics' Choice Awards made me so happy. Maybe it was because of the name—critics?—that the celebs collectively stepped up their game a bit more. All I know is that for once, the critic in ME didn't have that much to say. (Well, maybe I'm questioning Emily Blunt's hair colour and style just a tiny bit. But that's pretty much it, I swear!)

Otherwise, it was a fun-filled night in beauty terms, because my current makeup colour of-the-moment showed up all over the red carpet. I'm talking about pink... which I first started getting into back in 2010 circa the Natalie Portman fuschia lipstick/side bun moment. And then fell in love with all over again when I was sent this Lippy Girl lipstick recently:

The shade is Sassy Ass (great name or what?!) and it's the most perfect, loud, true hot pink, and also organic. You can buy it here. Ever since it arrived, I've been embracing pink again in a huge way. I think it partially has to do with that whole warm/cool thing, where if you have a warm skin tone then cool shades really pop.

And that's a great segue into some real-life examples!

Starting with Leslie Mann:

Leslie Mann - Critics Choice Awards 2013

Leslie Mann - Critics Choice Awards 2013

Yes, the tangle in her hair is going to drive you crazy. But try to focus. Is she awesome or what for rocking these neon pink lips? According to Glamour, the product/colour is Tarte Lipsurgence Matte Lip Tint in Lively... which I happen to own... but I'm questioning if that's accurate because it's never ever looked like this on me.

Maybe they've reformulated, but mine goes on as more of a reddish-pink instead of this cool fluoro, which I would prefer. Can anyone else verify this? PS: Contrary to my big rant a couple years ago about being matchy-matchy, I'm officially VERY into the pink dress/pink lip combo. Never say never!

Jessica Chastain also did a pink lip:

Jessica Chastain - Critics Choice Awards 2013

Jessica Chastain - Critics Choice Awards 2013

And a pink dress! With the red hair, do you think it's too much? I know there used to be that "rule" about redheads not wearing any shades in the red/pink family... but I say screw it. I actually think this lip/hair combo is one of the very best—it really exaggerates the warm/cool contrast. And while Jessica's sophisto style doesn't really suit neon like Leslie, I'd love to see her go even bolder with the colour.

The last lip look I have to show you is from Jennifer Lawrence:

Jennifer Lawrence - Critics Choice Awards 2013

Jennifer Lawrence - Critics Choice Awards 2013

Actually, the whole thing is pretty perfect. (Note the hair! Likely by Mark Townsend, and probably the most perfectly undone side bun I've ever seen. Eye makeup's insane as well.) But let's focus on the lips for now. Hollywood Life says the shade is the new matte lacquer from Giorgio Armani, called Lip Maestro, in #400... which is supposedly a red but to me looks like something in between coral and pink. Here's what the packaging looks like:

Who knows if it was red in person, but in the pic above I'm loving the colour on Jen—much softer than a true red, not to mention way more interesting!

And let's just say you REALLY wanted to do something interesting. Well, Elle Fanning's your girl:

Elle Fanning - Critics Choice Awards 2013

Elle Fanning - Critics Choice Awards 2013

How fun is her pink eyeliner? It also helps that she is 14 years old. But if you wanted to try this, definitely do all the things she's doing here: low-key hair, dewy skin, bit of mascara and blush but no other colours competing with it on her face. The biggie is to conceal any other redness REALLY well, because pink around the eye area is entering the danger zone. (Yellow might be a safer bet if you're concerned but still want to try a loud liner look.) I still love this on Elle though.

My other fave red carpet looks to check out in the full gallery:

Tell me:

Which of these looks do you like (or dislike)?

Would you ever wear a fuschia lip... or eyeliner?

What are your favourite pink makeup prodz? (It's so hard to find the perfect pink, non?)

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