3 Great Makeup Tricks From Pro Makeup Artist Grace Lee

You probably haven't heard these ones before.

When I attended Toronto Fashion Week last season, I got the chance to chat with Maybelline New York's key makeup artist, Grace Lee... and steal her tricks on how to rock the trends she thinks will be big for spring 2013.

Yes, I know it’s not spring yet—and yes, I know you all probably hate that I just reminded you of that fact. However, these tips are so cool that I thought you'd want them a bit early! Here goes:

How to get dark lipstick to stay put

One look that has continuously been popping up (just like Michelle mentioned in the top beauty trends of 2012) and will be staying strong for spring is the dark, super-bold lip.

The problem: I've never felt compelled to wear it out in fear that it will quickly rub away and I'll be left with that weird lipstick-outline-only thing.

Grace's tip to make dark lipstick stay put is to fill in your lips with a black eyeliner pencil first (like Maybelline New York Define-A-Line Eye Liner):

Humour me: Think about how often you need to re-apply eyeliner in one day... usually, you don’t. SO, when you layer the lipstick on top of the liner, the lip colour “clings” to the liner, leaving you with a richer dark lip that will last just as long as an eyeliner!

Grace Lee used this technique on some of the models for the UNTTLD S/S ’13 show (pic above) underneath their dark cherry lips.

How to highlight your cheekbones (no new products required!)

Now, let us all try to look beyond this AMAZING lip and notice the equally amazing, subtle, dewy, and flawless shimmer that the Arthur Mendonça models wore on the S/S '13 runway.

Grace told me that dewy, glistening skin is one of the up-and-coming trends that is "just so easy and so wearable." And I’ve got to say, I 100 percent agree. Especially when I don’t even have to venture out to purchase a new product!

For a dewy glow: You can use any clear lip balm (such as Maybelline New York Baby Lips SPF 20 Lip Moisturizing Balm in Quenched) directly on the cheekbones.

For a glimmering highlight: Apply a clear lip balm to your cheekbones and then, using your fingers, blend a shimmery champagne eyeshadow (such as Maybelline New York Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24HR Cream Gel Shadow in Barely Branded) into the lip balm.

The broke-student side of me loves this one.

(Editor's note: For another wicked example of luminous, highlighted skin, check out Hayden Panettiere here!)

How to rock colourful eyeliner... two ways

Pastel eye makeup shades are a springtime staple, but this season you've got the choice to go bold OR subtle.

Grace says the first step in choosing the right colour is to know your eye colour. (Wow! That's easy!) No, seriously. The best way to make sure you aren’t wearing an “off” colour is to just follow the colour wheel and choose the shade opposite to your eye colour. That means:

  • Blue eyes: Orange, copper or bronze liner
  • Green eyes: Purple, lavender or plum liner
  • Brown eyes: Whatever the heck ya want ‘cuz brown isn’t on the standard six-colour wheel! (Go Team Brown Eyes! Apologies to everyone else...)

That said, there really aren't any colour rules these days. But, if you are a coloured liner newbie, following the wheel is the way to go.

The second step is to decide whether you want a more dramatic or modern look.

Liner on the top is more dramatic. At the Melissa Nepton S/S ’13 show (above), models were super-striking with a double line of colour on the upper lash line only.

Liner on the bottom is more modern. (Editor's note: 'Tis true! Increasingly, we're seeing more and more emphasis on the lower lash line.) It can go bold or subtle. Case in point: Mackage S/S ’13:

And there you have it: a tip each for the lips, cheeks and eyes! I'll be experimenting with these looonnnggg before springtime.

Rikki Ciminsky is a student at Ryerson University in Toronto. Follow her on Twitter: @rikki_see.

Have you ever tried one of these makeup tricks?

Which of these spring looks is your fave?

Do you follow any colour rules when it comes to your eye makeup?

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