Teresa Palmer Makes Shimmering Mauve Shadow Look Surprisingly Good

At the LA screening of 'Warm Bodies'.
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Teresa Palmer


The Los Angeles screening of Warm Bodies on January 30, 2013.


Because this Aussie actress is a beauty star on the rise! I first took notice of Teresa at last year's Women in Hollywood Awards (where she bravely paired blue eyeshadow with a hot pink lip!), and then, in a retro red lip and wavy side-pony, she stole the show for me at the Golden Globes after-parties. Here, she's displaying even more beauty versatility with winter-bronzed skin, side-parted waves and a pretty sweep of shimmery mauve eyeshadow to make her eyes pop. What keeps it cool (and not too sweet) is the way it's worn all the way around the eyes—as in underneath the lower lashes too—and is paired with a darker liner to accentuate the lash line. DO try this at home!

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