Producers Guild Awards 2013: The Must-See Beauty Looks

Who had the best hair and makeup on this red carpet?
Hannah Simone - Producers Guild Awards 2013

Hannah Simone - Producers Guild Awards 2013

Oh look! It's another red carpet event. This one—put on by the Producers Guild of America—was held on January 26th, and celebrates the "living legends" in film production. 

But here, we're more concerned about the legends of the beauty world, which is why you need to click through these pics of Hannah Simone (gorge!), Kerry Washington (love!) and Jennifer Garner (cute!). 

In between the prettiness there were a few misses, though—like Jessica Alba's frizzy hair and Julianna Margulies' freeze-face. 

Check 'em all out in this short gallery....

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