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5 Ways To Get the New Metallic Lip Look

This new lip texture is about to take off.

My beauty Spidey sense is tingling. And it's not because of New York Fashion Week, which just wrapped yesterday (and yes, which I promise we'll get to next week). Nope, even before that I had this feeling that a new lip texture—one that I never in a million years would've seen myself wearing—was emerging as the next hot thing.

I'm talking about metallic. Or foil. Not shimmer or glitter (although I do think the latter has been used on the runway as a way to plant the seed in our minds, as they do). It's more that '80s, pearl or oyster-shell reflective sort of texture that I've always despised, whether in a lipstick or a gloss or a nail polish.

Until now.

You see, I'm coming around to the idea that it actually looks pretty cool—as long as it's worn with super-fresh skin and modern hair and makeup. It's that whole idea of contrast, you know?

Let me show you some examples.

Rodarte S/S '11

The colour's awful for real life (nevermind the eyeshadow), but the finish is exactly what I'm talking about.

Mary Katrantzou S/S '13

Again, PLEASE don't try this at home, folks. But you see, there it is again—that slightly metal finish.

Christian Dior S/S '13 Couture

This one's the most recent (remember?—from my Paris Couture Week wrap-up). Obviously they don't mean for us to actually fasten individual Swarovski crystals to our mouths—or at least I hope not! All this is saying is that extreme shine is what we need to start embracing.

Peter Som F/W '11

Now this is exactly what I'm talkin' 'bout. Do you dig it? I think it looks really new and cool.

Moschino Cheap & Chic F/W '12

Here's another one of my faves, although if you look closely it's actually glitter, not foil. But the idea is the same as at Peter Som—a rainbow of pretty pinks in these amazing metallic finishes.

Are you feeling this?

We'll have to wait and see what comes out of the major F/W '13 shows over the next few weeks to see if this really has legs, but I think so. The other reason I'm on board is because coincidentally, I've been getting actual products sent to me with this foil-esque texture too. That's how I know when something is truly in the air... er, on the lips! Believe me, I receive a ridiculous amount of makeup (don't hate!) and not in my entire beauty career history has any brand sent me a metallic.

So now I'm gonna show you my two faves. And bonus: they're also NATURAL. Mind officially blown.

Lush Emotional Brilliance Liquid Lip Colour in Bubbly

Okay, so Lush came out with a whole range of makeup last fall, and I think I forgot to tell you guys about it. It's pretty cool—you go into the store and they have this colour wheel thing where you pick the shades you're most drawn to. Apparently the order you do it in reveals all kinds of eerie things about your personality. I can't remember all of it, but I do recall that the first one you choose represents how you portray yourself to the world. And guess what I chose? Bubbly! I guess I'm okay with that.

This is a liquid lipstick, so you paint it on with a sponge-tipped brush, but it's not goopy nor is it drying. It's also the most gorgeous pinky coral. Not screamingly intense but enough to give you a bit of a pop. And I guess it's the mica in it, because the texture is a subtle, almost matte metallic, if that makes any sense. Probably closest to the Peter Som look, but not as dramatic and obviously in coral it's more wearable than a lighter pink.

They make a bunch of other colours too but I haven't tried them—let me know if you do?

Out now for $18.95 each at Lush or lush.ca.

Lippy Girl Vegocentric Organic Vegan Lipstick

I've already mentioned how much I love Lippy Girl Organic Lipstick in Sweet Ass. Now they've come out with a second line, which is vegan—and it gives you the same exact texture I'm talking about here. I find them a little less moisturizing than the originals, but the finish is totally different and totally cool. I've got two of the eight shades: P-Bomb, which is a light pink that's pretty close to the Peter Som look, and Fancy Pants, which is my favourite and more of a pinky coral. (Yes, I do like my corals.) I think these are the two shades in the middle in the pic above.

Again, I'm thinking it's gotta be the mineral pigments that lend these such fashion-forward texture. I don't know if they intended to be so on-trend, but they are!

Out now for $23 each at eBeauty.ca; click here to learn more and purchase.

Mainstream-wise, there are three other brands (that I know of so far) to look into if you're not on the hippie beauty train I'm on board with above. I haven't tried any of these, so proceed at your own risk!

Kat Von D Foiled Love Lipstick

Out now for $23 each at Sephora; click here to learn more and purchase.

Sephora+Pantone Universe Precious Foil Palette

Out now for $31 each at Sephora; click here to learn more and purchase.

Okay, and then if you're REALLY into this trend, there's...

Lip Rock Metallic Lip Foils

But these seriously scare me! They're the lip version of Nail Rock nail wraps.

Out now for $25 each; click here to learn more and purchase.

Tell me:

What do you think about the metallic lip trend?

Would you actually wear it in real life?

Have you tried any of these products yet... or found another foil-finish lippie we should know about?

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