Dermalogica's New Sheer Tints For Lightweight, Healthy Coverage

You can wear these day AND night.

The honeymoon stage of a new relationship is always a rush. Aside from all the corny, high school-ish stuff, like daydreaming at work or doodling your significant other's name in your notebook, there is the matter of one's beauty regimen. Namely, that you keep up the pretense that you are naturally free of body hair, possess minty-fresh breath 24/7 and just wake up with skin that looks all glowy and flawless.

It's a farce, sure, but it's a fun farce for a while, right? There's no need to rush into the track pants and videos phase where you let everything hang out and let yourself be seen with zit cream, blotchy skin, etc.

And that's why I was so impressed by this week's editor's picks. They're kinda like BB or CC creams—but not. Because even though they provide coverage, if you wanted to, you could totally wear them overnight. YES! Of course, they also hold their own (and then some) against any makeuppy stuff you slick on your skin during the daytime. Here are the deets:

Dermalogica Sheer Tint SPF 20

Does anyone remember Dermalogica's Sheer Tint Moisture? It was an SPF 15 tinted moisturizer, and one of the first Dermalogica products I fell madly in love with in my early beauty editor days.

Now, in keeping up with the times, it's been reformulated, and renamed to just Sheer Tint. This guy is even better. Not only is the SPF higher (20), it now includes natural mineral colour pigments; moisturizing components like hyaluronic acid, glycerin and lactic acid; and pearl powder, which promotes cell regeneration while making skin look more luminous.

In a nutshell, you're getting high-tech hydration with a sheer wash of brightening coverage... that does not clog your pores. Did you hear that? If you really wanted to, you could wear this to bed.

I can't say I've done that yet, but I CAN vouch for how nice this is as a lightweight "weekend" skin tint product. There are three shades and I'm using Light. It sinks in quickly and isn't greasy, and gives your skin just a bit of oomph—plus it has that incredible signature Dermalogica "spa" scent.

I'm actually so thankful they didn't try to hop on the BB and CC cream bandwagon by throwing one of those terms on here. This ain't no fly-by-night makeup product, peoples! It's skincare.

Out in April for $60 at skin care centres, salons and spas.

Dermalogica Cover Tint SPF 20

So while Sheer Tint replaced the old tinted moisturizer product, Cover Tint is the new Treatment Foundation.

What's the diff? This, too, has been reformulated with a higher SPF (20) and the same natural mineral pigments and hydrating ingredients. Plus it contains a cool light-diffusing compound called Nylon 12 that provides a similar effect to wearing actual nylons—meaning your skin gets a smoother, more luminous finish—and it helps to absorb excess oil. Score!

In terms of coverage, the Cover Tint gives way more camouflage than both the Sheer Tint above, and also what I remember of the old Dermalogica foundation. I would say it's medium to full coverage—how much this puppy hides is seriously impressive!

It also comes in three shades, but here is where things get sad for me: I'm so pasty-white right now that even the lightest is a tad too dark for me. (The Light shade of Sheer Tint blends in with my skin tone better.) So a word to fellow pale skin people: should you wish to buy Cover Tint, give it a try in natural light just to make sure. If I could make this my daily go-to foundation, I totally would.

Like I said, it's also completely non-comedogenic—so no need to feel like you're clogging your pores by slathering this on your face when you have nighttime company. Amazingly, you aren't!

Out in April for $60 at skin care centres, salons and spas.

Pro tip: Dermalogica recommends wearing these on top of your moisturizer and ideally, the Dermalogica primer that I raved about last month. (So the order would be moisturizer, primer, and then either Sheer or Cover Tint.)

Tell me:

Have you ever deliberately worn makeup to bed?

Would you try one of these prodz instead?

What else do you love from Dermalogica? (Their facials? BEST.)

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