Did Hayden Panettiere Pull Off This Cool Pink Lipstick?

Or does it clash with her skin tone?

Today in important beauty dilemmas: we need to decide if this cotton candy-esque lipstick actually works for Hayden Panettiere... or if it clashes horribly with her glowy, golden skin tone.

I have no idea what the brand or shade name is, but MAN is it a bold choice. More so, I think, than the typical brights of fuchsia or orange that we've been seeing for several seasons now. Why? Because even more than hot pink, this shade reads very, very "cold" on the skin. That's less of a beauty risk if you have cool tones in your skin to begin with, but Hayden here (who has one of the nicest complexions in Hollywood) looks more warm to me. Like a "spring," if you follow the whole seasonal colour theory.

But here's the thing: it's becoming very on trend to deliberately clash like this. It's kinda like colour-blocking, except you're doing it with your skin instead of looking semi-crazy with two different, mismatched shades of eyeliner and lipstick on your face at once.

That said, if you look closely, Hayden IS wearing some golden eyeshadow, which is subtly helping to play up the contrast. It kinda reminds me of this Donna Karan show from a couple years ago:

Hayden's is, like, the real-life, toned-down version (because who wants to wear orange eyeshadow?!).

Also, I touched on this when I told you about my lip-lining trick, but it's worth repeating: some of the top makeup artists, including Chanel's Julie Cusson, believe it's more modern to choose lip shades in the opposite colour family to your skin tone (and hair colour). So Hayden in a coral or a peach would be more matchy-matchy and less interesting than doing something in the cool pink or cool red spectrum.

Not that there are really any rules anymore, though.

Another thing to note here is that the texture is just slightly iridescent (which is a version of the trend I talked about here):

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling it! (And also eating my words. Here's a quote from this 2011 post"[F]rosts, pearls, metallics, iridescence or shimmer? As Liza says: “Tools of the devil.”"

And that, my friends, is why you never say never in beauty. Suddenly, I like this pearly finish. And while I'd probably skip the golden eyeshadow, I actually like the cotton candy colour on Hayden too. It's not the most teeth-brightening shade around (and certainly busts the myth that it's just oranges that make your teeth look yellow-ish), but I'm a fan nonetheless.

Are you?

Do you like Hayden's bold lip choice or do you think it's clashing?

Do you tend to wear lipsticks in the same colour family as your skin tone, or the opposite?

How do you feel about iridescence, pearl, frosts, shimmers.... are you ready to embrace 'em?

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