Is Emilia Clarke Wearing Too Much Makeup Here?


I've been meaning to talk to you about this Emilia Clarke look (from the season three premiere of Game of Thrones in LA) for, like, a week now. I just couldn't figure out why I was so into it, seeing as she's wearing a pretty insane amount of makeup. Or at least far more than I would normally endorse.

I mean, gosh. That is A LOT of eye. On top of a lot of brow. (Complete with "fans.") I'm pretty sure in my unsuspecting newbie beauty editor days some random makeup artist did my eyes like this, and I was so traumatized that I immediately ran home to scrub it all off and swore to never let someone demonstrate an entire spring collection on my face ever again. (And that is the story of where my beauty trust issues all began, people.)

But look at this second pic. Emilia is pulling it off, no? I can hardly stand the gorgeousness:

Is it because she's practically supermodel-esque beautiful? I kinda think so. The full brow, full lip look, complete with over-the-top makeup like this reminds me of an '80s Cindy Crawford (sans mole). Here she is on July '87 German Vogue:

It's a similar vibe, dontcha think? And I don't know about you, but I'm totally ready for this type of thing to come back into style. Maybe I wasn't ready for it before, when that person did my makeup like this back in the mid-'00s. But now? I could totally go for some juicy, sexy, voluptuous, over-the-top beauty. Not for the office, obviously, but otherwise... with a body-con outfit... so fun! (In a yes-I'm-really-going-for-this-crazy-sexy-look way. Right? You just need to be deliberate about it.)

Let's take a final close-up peek:

After prepping her skin with a Bioré scrub, celebrity makeup artist Dawn Broussard used a shimmering grey shadow palette with silver accents to create the smoky eye. Notice how it's below the lower lash line and extended all the way up to the brows. PLUS individual false eyelashes layered on the top lash line.

On the cheeks is matte bronzer plus baby-pink blush plus pale pink highlighter on the apples. (See? Major makeup all around.) I feel like the lip-lining job is slightly too obvious so if it were me, I'd have toned that down and just gone for the soft, stained effect. (I'm also questioning whether she's got too much foundation on—even though it looks natural, she's got creases in her marionette lines. Same thing happened to me when I got the heavy-handed makeup job: I went home with wrinkles that didn't even exist before, just from the makeup cracking! Yikes.)

The last thing to consider is the hair. It needs to be the counterpart to the hot makeup and the hot dress. Emilia wisely wore hers sleek, straight, centre-parted and tucked back behind her ears.

Tell me:

Is this look doing it for you?

Or do you still think it's too much?

How do you feel about "'80s supermodel" beauty coming back in style?

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