NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer is Joining My Concealer Wardrobe

It's love!

So you may have heard: I've got a concealer wardrobe. As I argued here, it's because you need different ones to do different things. Some are better for around the eyes. Some are good for redness. Some sheer out into pseudo-foundations if you apply them with a brush. Some you need to be industrial-strength in order to stay put all day on a flaming, annoying zit.

At least this was my thinking until this fellow from NARS came along and stole my heart. Shall I just go with this dating analogy? I was seeing other people before... but now I'm thinking about going steady.

That's right. I'm questioning whether I even NEED a concealer wardrobe... or if I can just be with this guy, the just-launched Radiant Creamy Concealer (my shade is Vanilla):

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, $30.00; click here to learn more and purchase.

When this first showed up I figured it'd be yet another liquid concealer that I'd use a couple times (because being a concealer freak, I do try them all) and then send to the beauty graveyard where my un-loved products go to die.

That's because liquid concealers belong to one of the most high-risk, high-disappointment makeup categories. More often than not, they don't have enough pigment to actually, well, conceal. With the ones that come with a lip gloss-style wand, you can easily dispense way too much on your face at once. And blending can be an issue. The only liquid jobbie I've had that came close to being decent was from Guerlain, but you had to let it dry down on your face for 60 seconds or so before you even attempted to do anything. This is why I've always stuck with stuff that came in pots, and applied them with a brush or in a pinch, my fingers.

But no lie, my new NARS friend is different. It's so high-coverage, and so creamy, that it really is a delight to work with. Think liquidy but not TOO liquidy, so you can touch just a dab on a dark spot with the wand, for example, and not have a giant goop land on your cheek. It also, rather miraculously, works well everywhere on my face. Yes. It's ever-so-slightly brightening, so it brings light to the eye area while the high coverage deep-sixes any sign of dark circles. (Plus, Hallelujah, it does not crease!) I love it around my nose and nasolabial area, where my Celtic heritage has gifted me with so much redness—and again, the radiance effect almost gives the illusion of plumpness. Covers blemishes like a dream as well, and comes in an incredible 10 shades (see the pic at the top). You can blend it with your ring finger or get in there with a concealer brush for more precision.

I've also been known to cheat a perfected skin look using just concealer and Physicians Formula tinted sunscreen instead of foundation. For the longest time, I was using RMS Beauty Un Cover-Up, which I still adore... but now I'm finding this NARS concealer does an even better job of strategic coverage and brightening. UPDATE: Changed my mind. For a product that looks good sheered out, I think RMS is still my first choice —the NARS isn't quite so seamless-looking and is a bit heavier. It does have more brightening power, though, and still works great as a multi-tasking concealer. (And I don't even feel bad doing this, because they packed it with skincare benefits that actually increase your skin's hydration levels. In their study of 61 women, 98 percent were still experiencing increased hydration after 12 hours.) I reckon it'd work just as well over a BB or CC too.

Tell me:

Are you like me—do you have a concealer wardrobe?

If you've tried this NARS guy yet, what did you think?

Do you have an all-time favourite concealer?

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