How to Get the Goof-Proof Sparkly Eye Look I'm Obsessed With

And the two products you need to get it.

Do you have a go-to eye makeup look?

C'mon. I know you do. Mine—for more than half a decade!—has been curled lashes, mascara all the way around, and shimmery beige cream shadow on the upper lids. (In fact, I dedicated this entire post to products that would make decent alternatives for the sad day when my beloved, now-discontinued Dior EyeShow Eyeshadow in Undressed Beige runs out.) I heart the beige shimmer because it goes with everything, the sparkle adds interest, you can apply it with your fingers and it's impossible to screw up.

I do mix it up sometimes, of course—like, I'll add some Clarins 3-Dot Liner to play up my lash lines, or even go nuts like I did on Saturday with my Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadow pencils:

I was copying this Kate Upton look here (I think I needed even more of a cat eye, but oh well).

But my point is that this happens rarely. I would never wear this much eye makeup in daylight hours—first of all because that's tacky, and second, because I'm always rushing out the door and wouldn't have time to do it properly even if I wanted to. Hence, I rely on my basic go-to eye and that's it.

That is... until now! (cue music)

Yes. Finally it's happened to me. I've just landed upon a fabulous new, even easier-to-apply substitute for that shimmery beige shadow... PLUS another product that takes the look to a whole other level. A level that could go from office to drinks to even the red carpet (if I had a red carpet to go to).

Let's talk about the shadow first. I'd like to introduce you to the "Chubby Stick" (uh... what?!) from Clinique:

Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes, $19.00; click here to learn more and purchase.

These come in 12 shades, but listen to me: the one you want is Ample Amber. Possibly Bountiful Beige (another stellar name) but I can't say for sure because I either didn't get that one or I've already misplaced it. Anyway, Ample Amber does the job VERY well. You think it's going to be darker than it is, but even on my skin, the shade—a pinky bronze—is a close match; it doesn't stand out too much and you just get the nice shimmery effect. (Which is what you want.) It'll work great on darker complexions as well, although if your skin tone is very dark you could try a shade called Fuller Fudge (again: what a name!) which is a pretty, soft metallic brown.

What makes these especially great is that they're big fat crayons. You know, like those red ones we got to use when we first started school, before we had to "grow up" and use regular skinny yellow pencils. Who wants a skinny pencil? I'll take a chubby one any day. You also don't need to worry about sharpening these because they twist up. Genius!

Application, as you might imagine, is dead easy. I've been doing the swipe all the way around the eye, top and bottom. It's that whole 360-degree eye look that's so on trend right now. The pencil lets me be more precise than my finger method with the Dior, and I don't even need to blend with my fingers after. Since these are long-wearing and non-creasing FOR REAL, you also don't need to worry about them looking all smeared and crappy hours later. I tested. Truth!

(Aside: You might be wondering why I like these instead of the Make Up For Ever shadow sticks I mentioned up top. Well... I do like both, and you could certainly try the comparable product, Aqua Shadow in 28E. I just find the MUFE one is much more metallic instead of shimmery, so it's not as subtle. Clinique is also cheaper by $4.00!)

Okay, so hopefully you're with me on the shadow part... but now I need to tell you about the add-on that will blow your mind. (I mean, in makeup terms. It's all relative.) What you need to buy is this trio from Physicians Formula:

Physicians Formula Custom Eye Enhancing Liquid Metal Eyeliner Trio, $14.49; click here to learn more and purchase.

But the only one you're gonna use for our purposes is the shade on the left: Natural Nude. (This is from the "Nude" trio; these also come in "Smoky" but that one's all cool silvers and blacks, which are harder to wear.)

Can we talk about the awesomeness of a liquid liner in NUDE? I've only needed this product my entire life. Unlike a regular eyeliner, a liquid has tons more impact and staying power. It's not going to smear around on you... AND in nude, you don't have to worry about the application being perfect like you would with a black or any other colour. Oh yeah, it's also FAST to do.

The metallic brings light to your eye area in the same way you get with applying highlighter to the inner corners. I've taken to applying it, like the shadow, all the way around my eyes instead of just the traditional upper lash line method. Here's me modelling the two prodz, which I slapped on in ten seconds:

Now, one problem with this look (as well as my photography skillz) is that it doesn't show up that great in pictures. I also have the problem where my eyelid shape makes makeup disappear. So you might have to take a leap of faith with me and just try this yourself. It looks amazing with loads of black mascara.

Here's the zoom, where you can see I was really messy with the lower-lid application (and a bit clumpy with my mascara—what can I say, it was 10pm!). But it's still pretty forgiving! (And note that the camera flash is picking up more shine that you'd see in person.)

This lower lash line shine effect is also a huge celebrity favourite these days. I tried to get some photos for you by searching for "nude liquid liner celebs" but oops! My Google Safe Search filtered out the word nude. I'm scared to remove that restriction in fear of what weird porny images I might find. Sorry. So instead I looked up a couple from the archives...

Here's Anna Kendrick doing the nude under-eye thing:

And Olivia Munn, who technically is rocking more of a gold than a nude, but you get the idea:

Olivia Munn - People's Choice Awards 2013

Olivia Munn - People's Choice Awards 2013

It's pretty, right? This look works for evening, daytime, whenever. You can pair it with any lip without looking overdone. It's fast... and let me repeat: YOU CANNOT MESS IT UP. I should also add that I've been getting compliments galore on my eye makeup lately.

Are you with me on this? Tell me that you're with me.

Do you like this sparkly nude eye look?

Have you tried the Clinique Chubby Sticks or the Physicians liquid liner yet?

What's YOUR got-no-time, go-to eye look?

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