Rachel McAdams Tried 4 Beauty Trends at Once Here

Can you spot them all? (And are they working?)

How can you not love Rachel McAdams? First of all, she's Canadian. AND she's cute as a button. Beauty-wise, she's also pretty fearless when it comes to trying new hair colours. Remember how she was doing the pink streaks long before everybody else hopped on that train? She also keeps it real by living here in Toronto instead of in La La Land, which you've gotta respect her for. Plus, do I even have to mention the Gosling connection? I mean, that alone is impressive.

So every time she makes a red carpet appearance (which is rarely) I get kind of excited. Her latest was earlier this week in LA for the premiere of To the Wonder, and OMG I'm having sensory overload about all the beauty trends hitting me at once.

Can you spot them all? Is it too much? Let's break this down.

Trend #1: red hair

Yep, she's a redhead now. Here's a better pic, with her hair down, from her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday:

She told People: "This was the only colour left!” but I don't know where that came from, because she's definitely been red before.

And I'm calling it a trend because look who else went red this week!

That's Dianna Agron. (Looks good, doesn't it?) And look who else:

Megan Fox! Craziness. I think we can safely say that red is, well, red hot right now. But back to Rachel McAdams—I love it on her. I think it's much nicer with her complexion than the pale blonde. She was also pretty rooty with her blonde and I didn't love that so much. I'm very anti-visible roots with the exception of Rihanna and Rita Ora.

Trend #2: Pink lips

Trend number two that Rachel is rocking are those lips! I feel like we need a zoom.

Is it just me or is everyone doing this colour lately? (Including me.)

In celeb-land we saw it on Thandie Newton most recently, whose lips were the entire statement of her outfit. During the awards season, Leslie Mann did an amazing neon that matched her dress. And who could forget Hayden Panettiere's recent (and controversial) foray into the pink family?

On the spring runways, I'm seeing a lot of it too—at John Richmond, Giles and Holly Fulton (which I'll be posting about soon). In fact, all three shows used one MAC product—this lip pencil in the shade Embrace Me.

MAC Fashion Sets Lip Pencil in Embrace Me, C$18.00/US$15.00; click here to learn more and purchase.

I don't think this specific pencil is what Rachel is wearing, but it's certainly the product of the season if you're looking to get in on the trend in a big, bold way.

Rachel's colour looks a bit softer, and I know exactly the product you could use to get the look because I've been wearing it this week myself! It's a limited-edition Burberry lip gloss shade called Pink Sweet Pea, and IT.IS.GORGE.

Burberry Lip Glow Natural Lip Gloss, C$30.00/US$27.00; click here to learn more and purchase.

Last point on pink: I'm also a huge fan of the colour contrast between warm (hair) and cool (lips). I think I keep repeating myself about that to you guys, but it's only because it's my current obsession. I don't want to even look at orange right now.

Trend #3: The loose top knot

Is it 2010? Are top knots back? Or did they not ever really leave?

According to one of the most awesome celebrity hairstylists, Mark Townsend (he was the guy who educated me big time about dry shampoo): "I love a top knot and I am so happy this trend is sticking around; they are young, cool and super modern."

So okay. If he says so then I think I can support this.

What I like about it is how effortless it looks. To do it, he started by spraying on my favourite Dove dry shampoo to give texture, focusing at the roots.

Then he raked a dime-sized amount of Dove Colour Care Leave-On Conditioner to add shine. HELLO YOU CAN SCORE SOME OF THIS YOURSELF RIGHT NOW! Hop on over here to join the testing panel toute de suite!

After that step, Mark gathered Rachel's hair just in front of the crown and pulled it into a ponytail. He then sprayed Sally Hershberger Genius Spray Wax (great product!) into the ponytail to give the hair rich texture, and then twisted the hair around the base of the ponytail, tucking the ends under the knot to hide them away.

It took 12 bobby pins to secure—and there are two tricks you need to know. When you put them in, criss-cross to make an "X" so they don't move. Also spray them with dry shampoo for what Mark calls "extra security." Apparently the starch in the dry shampoo gives the pins a matte finish and creates a little extra friction for a tighter hold.

The last step was pulling out some flyaway hairs around the knot for that "I just threw my hair up myself" look.

Trend #4: The headband

Too cutesy? Or totally adorbs in a ballerina sort of way?

The black satin headband was Mark's final touch for Rachel... and it actually takes inspiration from the runway. Here's Oscar de la Renta:

And Moschino Cheap & Chic:

I will say that past a certain age, headbands can be a bit risky if they look too "schoolgirl," i.e. with your hair down all Blair Waldorf-style. But I think with hair up, they can definitely work—and look quite modern, fresh and youthful. It's almost face-lifting in a way because your eye is drawn up with both the top knot and the fabric in the hair.

Speaking of fabric... you want that to be the material of your headband instead of doing a plastic one, as it's definitely the direction designers went on the runways.


Did Rachel pull off all 4 beauty trends or were too many things happening here?

What do you think of her red hair—and does it work with the pink lip?

Could you embrace the top knot again... with or without the headband?

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