MTV Movie Awards 2013: Steal These Spring Beauty Ideas From the Red Carpet

Hair and makeup inspiration from Karlie, Bella and Selena.

Well, we're here. It's April and we've officially entered that time of the year in Canada when you feel weird wearing winter clothes but it's really nowhere near warm enough yet to bust out the spring stuff. Awkward. 

My advice: Mix up your hair and makeup instead! Seriously, if you're itching for a change but share the same sentiments about the weather as the commenters I found on here ("depressing;" "neverendingwinter"), then beauty play is where it's at.

At least, that's what I've been doing myself in the past couple of weeks—green eyeliner, blue eyeshadow, fluorescent pink lipstick, a side bun. (I know, can you believe it? But NOT ALL AT ONCE MIND YOU.) And now here's some new inspiration rolling in. Overall, I was slightly underwhelmed by this year's MTV Movie Awards (you can check out the full gallery of images here)... with three kick-ass exceptions. Come see and then let's talk about how we can steal these looks.

Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss - MTV Movie Awards 2013

Karlie Kloss - MTV Movie Awards 2013

Not everyone was a fan of her big chop last year... but honestly. It's SO her now. She's totally owning it, and I can barely remember what she looked like before this bob 'n' bangs combo. I swear I'll never cut my "Life Cut," boob-length hair this short... but I have to confess, I think I've been having beauty dreams lately featuring celebs like Christina Hendricks and Kylie Minogue, whose cuts hover around their collarbones. Probably Karlie will visit my dreams tonight.

I guess all of this means that if you're getting a haircut, consider something shorter and blunter. I also love Karlie's hair colour. It's supermodel colour—one tone, no obvious highlights and not too golden nor ashy.

As for the makeup, well, that (along with the dress) is what takes the bob into sexy territory. My head is kind of exploding over it all: Matte orange lipstick! Flushed cheeks! Grey-blue liner underneath the eyes! White liner in the waterlines! The latter is a fun little eye-brightening trick if you don't like to wear obvious makeup (or if it tends to smear around on you when it's on your lids). It also helps camouflage redness if you've had a late night.

Don't you want to wear orange lipstick now? I'm already eating my words from Friday, and it's only Monday.

Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne - MTV Movie Awards 2013

Bella Thorne - MTV Movie Awards 2013

Oh HAI. We were just talking about shimmery under-eye liner, weren't we? And now here's Bella Thorne (which I always think sounds like a fake name, but apparently isn't) wearing the trend. Her version's obviously more red carpet—the colour is a high-impact gold instead of a nude, and it's been jazzed up with black liner, brown shadow and false eyelashes.

So you could do it my way, or add some extras like she does here, but the same beauty point about shimmer and warmth around the eyes remains. (Aside: Don't you want to, like, SWIM in those deep pools of her eyes? So so so pretty.) I also dig how the gold liner matches her hair....

Speaking of hair, you might be wondering about the styling of it in the shot above (I hear you saying it looks messy, and I'm with you), but let's try another angle:

It's a 2013 edition of the pom-pom ponytail! Remember when Olivia Wilde did this in 2011? (Also: How disturbing is it that I actually know this sort of useless information?!) Bella didn't go as crazy on the pom-pom aspect, but I'm still into it. Such a fun way to change up a boring pony and ANYONE can do it. Just make sure you promise to use clear elastics.

Selena Gomez

Well kids, the side braid isn't dead yet. I was sort of tiring of them for a bit after Lucy Liu wore a messy fishtail one with her poufy Marie Antoinette dress at the Globes (did that match? I didn't think it matched). But just when you think a trend's been done to death, along comes another celebrity wearing it with a brand new twist. Thank you Selena, you look 10 times cooler than Lucy.

I'm not just talking about the pompadour thing at the front, people. You've gotta see the side view:

How exciting! I love when celebs push the boundaries like this, but in a tasteful way. There's definitely a runway connection because it echoes what was done at Jeremy Scott for S/S '13.

Now, I know there's very little chance any of us are gonna do the full-fledged look ourselves, at home. But the takeaway is twofold. First, you officially have permission to once again bust out the messy side braid this season. And second, you'll want to consider having some more volume at the front of your hair. Doesn't have to be with a braid—it could be with a simple updo like Marion Cotillard had here (pre-haircut tragedy). Or with a ponytail like Nina Dobrev.

Pushing up the front (and maybe back-brushing it a bit) to create some volume gives your 'do a fresh new look... but requires basically zero effort.


Which of these three looks is your fave—and why?

Would you wear Karlie's makeup?

How do you feel about Bella's pom-pom ponytail and Selena's pompadour braid?

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