The 5 Best Beauty Looks at the 'Great Gatsby' World Premiere

The film's out May 10th!

Hooray! The Great Gatsby movie is almost here! I don't think I've been this excited over a film in, well, forever. And not just because the book itself, set in the 1920s, is awesome. Beauty-wise, I think it's gonna set off a whole whack of Jazz Age trends. Think sparkly hair accessories, bobs and finger waves (which we've already been seeing on Amy Adams and Julianne Hough, for example). I'm pretty much salivating with anticipation.

In Canada, it officially opens next Friday–and last night was the world premiere on a black (not red) carpet in NYC. Obvs Carey Mulligan, who plays Daisy Buchanan, was the star attraction...

Carey Mulligan

Anyone who expected her to show up in a bob with kiss curls and a Cupid's bow mouth was probably disappointed. But not me—I think that would've been way too costumey, given the theme of the movie, so I'm glad Carey went in the completely opposite direction for the premiere. With her strapless Lanvin dress, the hair and makeup were a fresh, understated contrast. (And I love when blondes wear fire-engine red.)

She simply filled in her brows, emphasized her eyes with some mascara and brown liner, and then slicked on a pinky-brown lip gloss. The hair is actually pulled back in a low bun at the nape of her neck; also notice how the front is teased a bit for subtle volume.

Compare the look to the movie poster:

Looks almost like a different person, huh? Oh, and I also have to show you her June 2013 Bazaar UK cover...

Absolutely breathtaking. I can't wait to see how Carey plays Daisy! I think she's one of the most—if not THE most—interesting young actresses in Hollywood right now. Not conventionally beautiful, but so interesting to look at, and sooo charismatic to watch on screen. (Also, have you seen her in that Wall Street movie with Shia LaBoeuf? Holy chemical attraction between those two. Kinda wish they were still a couple.)

Isla Fisher

I'm a huge Isla beauty fan (it's the red hair thing) and I think this is one of her best looks ever. It's all about the hair and the pink lips, and that colour contrast I keep telling you guys about. Warm hair with cool lips and vice-versa. Are you sold on it yet?

Also, there is so much harmony here between the hair, lips and dress. Her over-the-shoulder waves are a bit retro, and brushed out so they look healthy and touchable, not stiff. The matte lip is also a nod to the vintagey pattern of her dress. And then that slight flick of eyeliner is the finishing touch. Love everything about it!

Here's Isla on the movie poster—she plays Myrtle Wilson (Daisy's husband Tom's mistress).

Lots of red going on here so this should be an interesting character!

Nina Dobrev

Nina's not in the movie, but she did attend the premiere with this sorta Gatsby-looking dress and earrings. I would love to brush out her curls for her, as I think they'd look 10 times better if they weren't so separated. But the makeup? Really, really nice. There's some of that metallic liner I've been digging around the inner corners and lower lash line, which perfectly picks up the glimmery embellishments of her dress. Plus tons of black liner, brown shadow and mascara to intensify—I think that always looks so incredible on brown-eyed types. The dewy foundation, peach blush and peach gloss pull everything together.

Jennifer Morrison

Jen's not in the movie either, but her fashion choice for the premiere was very 1920s: a cream lace dress with a frilly hem and beautiful Art Deco-esque earrings. Wisely, she kept things more modern above the neck. Her long, blonde hair is parted in the centre and tucked behind both ears—a look we should probably take note of, since Marion Cotillard and Stacy Keibler both did the same thing recently. (And it's an easy way to make long, straight hair look more dressy.) I also like that satiny, berry-red statement lip; with the earrings, it's all the adornment her face needs.

Kate Mulvany

Kate plays Mrs. McKee in the movie—and I can't remember who that character is, so I'll just have to wait and see! Her beauty look here is super-retro. I quite like the coral lace dress and the bold lip, and (in other pics) that she gave it a bit of edge with black nail polish. Also nice that her skin looks like skin, and not a mask of heavy foundation. I'm just not sure about the pin-curled hair and whether it was even necessary. I think a softer, brushed-out updo à la Carey would've been way more modern.

Tell me:

Are you as excited as I am for this movie (and do you think Carey's a good choice for Daisy)?

Which of these premiere looks is your fave?

Will you be wearing any 1920s beauty trends?

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